3 devices to unplug at night to reduce the electricity bill: you will save money


3 devices to unplug at night to reduce the electricity bill: you will save money
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Across the world, many people complain about their electricity bill which continues to climb over time. Despite this terrible chasm, this does not prevent them from multiplying the use of electrical appliances at home. To believe that we can no longer do without technology. But, what most don’t know is that it is possible to reduce this amount by changing certain habits.

It’s no secret that in various areas prices are constantly increasing significantly. And we find ourselves at the end of the month with a panoply of bills to pay. What give us sacred migraines. But why not save some money to relieve yourself a little? Sometimes it is enough to adopt the right gestures to minimize costs. As you surely know, some devices are much more power hungry than others. But, there is a way around the problem. Do you want to reduce your electricity bill? Here are 3 devices that must be unplugged at night to change the situation.

Disconnect TV plug

Unplug TV socket – Source: spm

Here are the appliances that it would be better to unplug at night to save electricity

We offer you some solutions to lower your electricity bills. You may not know it, but there are various devices in the home that significantly increase the bill, even if they are not used.

According to specialists, the majority of people leave their devices unnecessarily plugged in at night: however, when they remain connected to the current, they still consume electricity. You thought that once turned off, your devices would be harmless? Miscalculation. As long as you don’t remove the plug, the meter is ticking!

If you want to save electricity, we strongly suggest that you always unplug the plasma television before going to bed. According to experts, it is surely the device that consumes the most energy at home. Remember that even if your TV is off, it continues to consume electricity. With this simple daily gesture, you will already save some money!

Another device to watch closely: the desktop computer which also consumes a lot of electricity. To reduce the bill, if possible, we advise you to swap it for a laptop. But, even for the latter, do not forget to remove the cable daily, like the mobile phone, to reduce the bill.

A major enemy? The freezer. Its energy expenditure is quite maddening, especially when it operates 24 hours a day. Depending on the volume, the energy class and the type of model, on average it can consume 100 to 500 kWh per year. To avoid possible overconsumption, and if it contains very few products, it would be better to unplug it more often and keep the food in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Other home appliances that significantly increase the bill

Here are four appliances in your home that use a lot of energy. It would be more appropriate to plug them in only when needed.

Adjust the central air conditioner

Setting the central air conditioner – Source: spm

According to, 6% of an average household’s energy consumption is spent on home cooling.

  • The electric water heater

It is an integral part of our daily life. Whether it’s for the dishes, laundry or repeated showers, the water heater is essential! But, unlike your refrigerator or air conditioning in the summer, your water heater should not be running all the time. It is only really useful for heating water. Also, make sure to better control it in order to save some energy.

  • heaters

Space heaters are a great way to warm up a specific area or room in your home. But, against all odds, they are also big energy consumers. In truth, with each hour of use and compared to the fridge, they can increase your bill by up to 50%! Because yes, contrary to certain beliefs, it is not because the device is smaller that it will necessarily consume less than the large ones. In this case, to function optimally, the heaters use a lot of power. So be very careful!

Dishwasher 14

Dishwasher – Source: spm

It is surely one of your favorite devices at home. It simplifies your daily life and you will find it difficult to part with it. And yet, to avoid manual washing, you have to pay the price! Depending on use, type and size, the average dishwasher produces over 1000 watts of energy per hour. Not only does it consume a lot of energy when not in use, but this amount increases dramatically when it is running. In addition, its operation also requires the water heater, which significantly increases the electricity bill. Better to alternate with hand washing from time to time to save a few cents!

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