8:30 p.m. Sunday – Antoine Wystrach, CNRS researcher, seduces tweeters

8:30 p.m. Sunday – Antoine Wystrach, CNRS researcher, seduces tweeters
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Passing through “20H30 Le Dimanche”, Antoine Wystrach came to present his work, “L’Odyssée des fourmis”. (Screenshot France 2)

This Sunday, June 5, on France 2, viewers were once again able to discover a very eclectic set on the occasion of a new number “8:30 p.m. Le Dimanche”. Indeed, Laurent Delahousse and the show’s teams received -M- and his musicians, including Gail Ann Dorsey, known for having been David Bowie’s bassist, for a live performance during his tour, but also Antoine Wystrach, for the release of a book about ants. And the least we can say is that this CNRS researcher did not leave tweeters indifferent.

On the summary of “8:30 p.m. Le Dimanche” this June 5, a new fable entitled “The guitar and the ant”. This Sunday evening, after the traditional television news, Laurent Delahousse presented a new number of “20h30 Le Dimanche” with guests from different worlds… and complementary at the same time! On one side, an extraordinary insect and its mysteries. To talk about it, one of its greatest specialists: Antoine Wystrach. This young researcher at the CNRS is indeed releasing a book, “The Odyssey of the Ants”, which is particularly interested in the life of these superheroines. On the other, one of the greatest French artists: -M-. Invited with his musicians, including Gail Ann Dorsey, bassist for David Bowie for twenty years, to talk about his album, “Rêvalité”, his guitars, his influences and his passion for Paul McCartney, the singer, on tour throughout France, provided a colorful live. But tonight, viewers had their eyes glued… on the ant specialist.

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“It’s very captivating”

On this day of the environment, Laurent Delahousse therefore invited Matthieu Chedid and the viewers to an exciting journey immersed in the world of ants. Antoine Wystrach, another guest this evening, has decided to make it his way of life to the point of writing a book, “L’Odyssée des fourmis”, which he co-signs with Audrey Dussutour. These insects are real superheroes who number in the millions of billions on the planet and who have 110 million years of existence. They have a titanic strength that allows them to lift the equivalent of six camels! On the set, the researcher explained in particular that the ant had a brain, neurons, allowing it not only to react on the basis of its reflexes: “There is a real decision-making that will happen at a given moment, whether it is her internal motivation or what she has learned, which will make her behave in such and such a way“he detailed on the set. Captivating, Antoine Wystrach marked the twittos by his impressive knowledge on this subject… but also for a completely different reason: his physique!

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