A French expert reveals why you shouldn’t straighten your PS5, Sony hadn’t planned it…


A French expert reveals why you shouldn’t straighten your PS5, Sony hadn’t planned it…
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News JVTech A French expert reveals why you shouldn’t straighten your PS5, Sony hadn’t planned it…

It’s unexpected, but the PS5 may not have been fully intended to be left upright for long. With its imposing size, difficult to do better for the moment. Especially since Sony is at fault if it’s true.

The PS5 can break when standing upright

A French console repairer, under the handle “Console System” on Twitter, has just shared a rather disturbing discovery. In his tweets we discover that the cooling of the PS5 would not be optimized at all to stay upright. Worse than that, it could result in component breakage.

The whole problem comes from the cooling method which uses what is called “liquid metal”, in other words liquid metal. It is the equivalent of a thermal paste, much more efficient and which is placed between the processor and the cooler.

This “liquid metal” is in sufficient quantity to ensure perfect contact, but not in too large a quantity to overflow. If the correct amount is not applied, there is always a seal around to avoid any problems.

After having presented all this, we say to ourselves that the problem does not come from there? And yet that is the whole point. Despite Sony’s best efforts, one thing hasn’t been calculated, and that’s the passage of time.

Time would be the worst enemy of the PS5

Many repairers actually confirm that they receive more and more consoles with liquid metal that has escaped. The whole problem is that it is very electrically conductive. So we end up with short circuits and a potential breakage of the console.

On Playstation France’s Facebook, there are also complaints from people with the same problem. This therefore seems to be confirmed, especially since the French repairer who has just brought this malfunction to light says that it is not at all a new problem. On the other hand, this is a problem that arises after a few months spent in the vertical. It will also depend on how often you use your console.

Liquid metal leaks should be fixed with the future version of the PS5 Slim. Cooling should be scaled up to be able to use more traditional efficient thermal paste. Sony is therefore surely already aware of the problem.but never communicated on the subject.

The best advice now if you have a PS5 is to lay it down instead. This will greatly limit drips and save you from having to go to Sony’s after-sales service because of a design problem.

It should be noted that for the moment there is not an abundance of customer feedback with this problem. and that we will probably have to wait for Sony’s official response to have more news.

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