“A woman is dead, let’s stop the fiction!” Charlotte Valandrey’s family angry with Yann Moix


“A woman is dead, let’s stop the fiction!”  Charlotte Valandrey’s family angry with Yann Moix
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Yann Moix, pictured here on July 16, 2019 in Paris, France

DEATH – More than a friend, he speaks of a “sister” and recounts a night spent in bed. But for the family of Charlotte Valandrey, who reacts in a text published this Monday, July 25, the tribute of Yann Moix published in the last issue of Paris Match is “of storytelling, scripting and personal highlighting.”

Actress Charlotte Valandrey, who went public with her HIV status and her double heart transplant, died on July 13. “On June 14, Charlotte had to have emergency surgery to replace her ‘second-hand heart’ as she called it, but this new transplant did not take, this third heart did not live,” explained her daughter. , his sister and his father in a statement sent to AFP.

A week later, the magazine Paris Match displayed, on its front page of July 21, “’Farewell my first love, my friend, my sister’ by Yann Moix” as the title of a two-page tribute from the writer and director. The one we also saw as a columnist on France 2 or Europe 1, evokes there “the sister [qu’il aurait] had to have”, he who had “fallen in love, madly in love” after a session of Red Kiss in 1985.

He tells how, about ten years later, he had met her under “the pretext of proposing to her to play the main role in what would be the adaptation” of his novel jubilation to the sky. It recounts the memories of their dinners alone together, their conversations about love and that night when, “lying on [ses] sheets”, “she wanted to [lui]”.

“No one is aware of this complicity”

Except that according to the family of Charlotte Valandrey, this widely relayed tribute is that of an “impostor”. In a text published on Monday July 25 on the actress’s Instagram account, they describe a “columnist who invents himself ‘brother’”: “No one among the closest is aware of this complicity (…) This that we know is a brief rapprochement without a love affair when they were young, but especially not much since.

Another quote also tickles the family of the actress who died at the age of 53. Yann Moix thus transcribed a tirade that she would have launched at him: “You only remember my existence each time I have one foot on the edge of the grave. My job? Professional dying. It’s been twenty years since I gave my very last interview. The family then comments: “The impostor allows himself to make her speak with words that are so foreign to her. Charlotte has never been ‘a dying professional’ to anyone.”

“A woman is dead, let’s stop the fiction”, still beg Charlotte Valandrey’s relatives in the face of these “post-mortem embroideries” and these “testimonies which fall within the fabrication, scriptwriting and professional highlighting”. Neither Yann Moix nor the magazine Paris Match have not yet responded to this scathing response from the actress’s family.

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