Aeronautics: the latest Airbus, the A321 XLR, has just landed in Toulouse


Aeronautics: the latest Airbus, the A321 XLR, has just landed in Toulouse
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This Friday, June 17, the A321XLR, the latest from Airbus, landed around 3 p.m. at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. This long-haul single-aisle aircraft aims to revolutionize air transport thanks to a range of nearly 8,700 km. A new era of aviation instigated by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, which further consolidates Toulouse’s place as a center of the aeronautical industry.

This Friday, June 17, a new chapter in the aeronautical industry has just opened in Toulouse. At 3.10 p.m., the A321XLR, the new long-haul single-aisle aircraft from Toulouse-based aircraft manufacturer Airbus, landed on the tarmac at Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

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A landing closely watched by all the spotters in the region who, with their eyes riveted on the lens and their finger on the shutter button, were waiting for the perfect moment to capture this historic moment.

Two new devices at the end of 2022

The big brother of the A320LR, MSN 11000, took off at 1:07 p.m. from Hamburg-Finkenwerder airport in Germany, where it successfully completed its first test flight on Wednesday June 15.

During today’s flight between Hamburg and Toulouse, which lasted just over two hours, the experimental test pilots, as well as the engineers on board, took the opportunity to continue testing the flight controls, engines and the main systems, initiated this Wednesday.

Entry into service in 2024

This test period should last a few more months so that the single-aisle can enter service in early 2024. To meet this deadline, two other additional aircraft will join the flight test campaign by the end of the year.

If the Toulouse site is usually the main flight test center for Airbus aircraft, the A321XLR inaugurated its test phase from Hamburg for the simple reason that it was assembled on one of the lines of Hamburg production.

A range of 8700 km

By 2023, the three other Airbus sites (in addition to Hamburg) will also have the capacity to assemble the A321neo in turn, namely: Toulouse in France, Mobile in the United States and Tianjin in China. .

For Philippe Mhun, EVP Programs and Services at Airbus, “this is a major milestone for the A320 Family and its customers worldwide. With the entry into service of the A321XLR, airlines will be in able to offer long-haul comfort on a single-aisle aircraft, thanks to its unique Airspace cabin. The A321XLR will open new routes with unbeatable economic and environmental performance.”

An evolution of the A320LR

Indeed, the latest addition to the A321neo family is an evolution of the A320LR. With larger fuel tanks, the A321XLR will offer unprecedented range for a single-aisle aircraft. With some 8700 km of autonomy, it will be able to ensure flights lasting more than 10 hours. That is 15% more than the A321LR.

Another revolution, its fuel consumption per seat is 30% lower than that of previous generation aircraft, thereby reducing its CO2 emissions.

Already 500 orders recorded

Direct competitor, among others, B737max of the American manufacturer Boeing, the new long-haul will be able to transport between 180 to 220 places in configuration two classes.

The A321XLR has already won over many airlines. Airbus sees its order book fill visibly. More than 500 orders from 20 customers have already been registered. First deliveries scheduled for 2024.

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