Albert and Charlene of Monaco at their worst: this bad news which overwhelms them terribly!


Albert and Charlene of Monaco at their worst: this bad news which overwhelms them terribly!
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Charlene of Monaco and her husband Albert of Monaco expressed their sympathy after the disaster that struck Corsica. The royal couple made an announcement for all the victims. To list in more detail, we invite you to follow to the end of this article.

Charlene of Monaco: The tender and passionate princess

The princess has always been nice. She attaches great importance to this emotional side, being the eldest of the siblings. Of South African nationality, she is passionate about swimming.

Indeed, at only 16 years old, the young woman left her studies to devote herself to this sport. During 2011, she is who became Charlene of Monaco by marrying Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Charlene of Monaco is energetically devoted to humanitarian causes. The princess is dedicated to building a supportive world for passionate people like her. This is one of the reasons why she put for priority education in the field of sport.

A frightening disaster has hit Corsica

Recently, on August 18, a disaster struck Corsica. A terrible storm ravaged everything in its path. This cataclysm did a lot of damage. Indeed, the tragedy has caused several deaths and many injuries.

Almost all of Europe was hit by this disaster. But Corsica and France were the most marked. This terrible news shocked the whole country. Charlène of Monaco and her husband expressed their support for the families and loved ones of the victims.

Unfortunately, the cataclysm did appalling damage. Apart from the high number of its victims, this catastrophic phenomenon also destroyed many houses and homes.

This explains families who have become disaster victims. A horrible moment for all of Corsica and the country. Charlene of Monaco and her husband are devastated. Indeed, no one expected such a disaster.

Charlène of Monaco is devoted to Corsica!

Charlene of Monaco wanted to make a special announcement following this terrible accident. Indeed, the princely couple expressed in Monaco tribune their respect and sympathy towards the family of the disappeared.

Shaken by the terrible disaster, she and her husband wanted to thank the heroes who took part in the rescue. As well as those who participated in the actions taken to restore order to the country after the tragedy.

Charlene of Monaco and her husband have always showed great interest in his country. The royal couple congratulated all the altruistic people, for their dedication. Many people showed their kindness during this tragedy.

The Princess and the Prince of Monaco express their eternal gratitude and their unconditional thanks. Especially with all these expressions of sympathy from the community. The spirit of solidarity is always one of the indispensable virtues for the good of humanity.

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