Amandine Pellissard (Large families): Her new villa with swimming pool provokes the jealousy of Internet users!


Amandine Pellissard (Large families): Her new villa with swimming pool provokes the jealousy of Internet users!
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The dissemination of the profile of Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard in Large Families, life in XXL had, at the time, created a lively controversy. The couple having in the past experienced a miscarriage lived in effect allowances until his participation in the entertainment program of TF1. This did not fail to react to Internet users. The two lovebirds are not yet at the end of their sentences with the crowd of detractors who start lynching them with each new publication. A situation that ultimately does not seem to raise eyebrows among the main concerned who live their lives as they see fit. No later than Christmas, they even unveiled the colossal budget they have set aside in order to offer their children all the gifts they dreamed of.

A candidate who still attracts so much attention

Living in abundance is no longer a problem for Amandine Pellissard. The candidate of Large Families, life in XXL can indeed afford everything she needs, thanks to what she earns with the product placements she makes on social networks. With its 332,000 subscribers on Instagram, it therefore combines juicy contracts. Increasing in passing the number of his detractors who do not skimp on the means to make life difficult for him with each new publication. Fortunately, this mother is a woman who takes responsibility and who has shown many times that she doesn’t care what people say.

The fact that Amandine Pellissard succumbed to cosmetic surgery has not really been unanimous within her community. However, she does not fail each time to post sublime photos showing how magnificent she is on her Instagram account. The candidate for the show broadcast on TF1 has today turned her gaze towards a completely different objective that she has set herself and that she has just achieved. The Pellissard family will soon move after the acquisition of this luxurious villa located in the south of France. This provoked a rain of reactions from Internet users.

A completely unexpected outpouring of hatred

Amandine Pellissard’s detractors have seen her as a slacker since her television debut. This explains the various comments collected, such as that of this Internet user who said that it was just shameful that people who had worked all their lives could not have this kind of property. The latter always to continue like what, we should see her within ten years when the number of her followers will have decreased. So many negative remarks testifying to the impression of Internet users in relation to the acquisition of this luxurious villa with swimming pool.

Amandine Pellissard has not yet responded to this surge of hatred that has just fallen on her. No doubt she prefers to focus on the happiness that this radical change in her life will bring her. Located between Marseille and Toulon, this new residence is barely 500 meters from the beach in the south of France. A real corner of perdition in which the candidate of Large Families, life in XXL and her family will finally feel in the house of their dreams.

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