Amber Heard Says She “Still Loves” Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Says She “Still Loves” Johnny Depp
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The actress confided in a long interview with NBC. She returns to the lawsuit which has just opposed her to Johnny Depp and assures that she still loves her ex-husband and has “no resentment towards him”.

“I love him. I loved him with all my heart. I did my best to make a very dysfunctional relationship work.” Amber Heard is not done with Johnny Depp. Confident in a long interview with NBC, the actress sentenced at the end of May to pay more than 10 million dollars to her ex-husband, for defamation, assured that she still loved him.

“I have no resentment or ill will towards him,” she adds. I know it might be hard to understand if you’ve never loved someone.”

However, Amber Heard does not go back on her testimony, during the trial, and ensures that everything she said there is true.

“I am not a good victim”

“Until my death I will maintain every word of my testimony,” she assured in a first excerpt from the interview with NBC.

The actress, who has been the subject of a veritable surge of hatred on social networks, believes:

“I’m not a good victim, I get it, I’m not a kind victim, I’m not a perfect victim, but I asked the jury to look at me as a human being.”

Asked about her platform in the washington postwhere she spoke of domestic violence, and for which she was ordered to pay damages to Johnny Depp, Amber Heard explains: “this forum was not about my relationship with Johnny. It was more about bringing my voice to a larger conversation, which we had at the time [ndlr : dans le sillage du mouvement #Metoo]”.

She assures that she did not do it to harm or defame him, and even surrounded herself with a team of lawyers to target the text, taking care not to quote him in the text.

Asked about the prospect of a new libel suit from Johnny Depp, after his new statements, Amber Heard said:

“I’m afraid that whatever I do, whatever I say, and however I say it, everything represents an opportunity to shut me up. That’s, I guess, the subject of a lawsuit in defamation. It’s taking your vote”.

Women’s rights go backwards

A few days after the verdict, then Johnny Depp thanked his many supporters on TikTok, Amber Heard had published these few words, through his spokesperson:

“While Johnny Depp says ‘move on’, women’s rights are going backwards. The verdict’s message to victims of domestic violence is… be afraid to stand up and speak out.”

Johnny Depp emerged victorious after a six-week long trial, which revealed the toxic and lackluster underside of the couple he formed with Amber Heard. While the two ex-spouses were suing each other for defamation, the jury indeed condemned more heavily the actress accused of having defamed Johnny Depp in a tribune of the washington post.

She was thus sentenced to a penalty of 15 million dollars – reduced to $10.35 million due to a local law capping punitive damages – while Johnny Depp, also convicted of defaming his estranged wife, was only ordered to pay her $2 million.

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