Amel Bent, Nikos, Marc Lavoine: their vibrant tributes to Florent Pagny is emotional!


Amel Bent, Nikos, Marc Lavoine: their vibrant tributes to Florent Pagny is emotional!
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Singer Florent Pagny made an important announcement a few weeks ago. The singer has announced that he has cancer. Since this announcement, the jury of The Voice receives daily messages of love from his fans and his friends. And today they are Amel Bent, Nikos, Marc Lavoine leave him a message full of emotion.

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Florent Pagny is one of the cult singers. It has gone through several decades and it is still present. Sometimes committed singer, sometimes variety singer, his voice is always very grateful.

In addition to the song, he also had a career in cinema. And for a few years, he became a jury in the show The Voice. He decided to ask himself a little pass on his knowledge to the younger generation.

He had many emotional victories and coached several winners like this year with Nour. But it is not the only artist who took her to the final victory. We must also remember that he was Slimane’s The Voice coach.

And the latter, very touched by the announcement of his cancer, continues to pay him very touching tributes.

The very beautiful tribute of Slimane to Florent Pagny!

When Florent Pagny announced his cancer, Slimane was one of the first to react. His first comment was “I was more than moved by the announcement of his illness, because I really consider him as a member of my family, and he is someone who has turned my life upside down, who has changed everything”.

Slimane is also convinced that Florent Pagny will do everything to win his fight against the disease. The jury of The Voice is a fighter. And the former winner of The Voice didn’t hesitate to say “Afterwards, I know how strong and dignified he is. I thought about him a lot, we talked to each other and I’m very happy that things are going better.

Like Florent Pagny, Slimane is quite modest and speaks very little in the media. “We have a special relationship because I think that he and I are quite modest about our relationships with people…”

Slimane is not the only one to support the singer of ” My freedom of thought “, other friends, artists or TV hosts also wanted to send him messages full of strength and emotion.

Amel Bent and Nikos: their moving messages!

After Slimane, it’s it’s Nikos’ turn to leave him a message. The host of The Voice confided in France Bleu. In particular, he said “Florent is a friend, he was the godfather of Star Ac’, he was always there and I have never forgotten him”.

But that’s not all, he then added to Florent Pagny “The only thing I wish for him is to end this story. We are all by his side. »

For her part, Amel Bent was also very touched when she learned of the illness of her friend and coach in The Voice. She left him a long message.

“He’s the boss. Me, what upsets me about Florent Pagny is his naturalness, his frankness, his altruism (…) I had the chance to be seated next to him and today, I can say that it is a great man. He is someone who talks to you, who says things to you, who probes you, he is full of love and yet he does not caress you in the direction of the hair, he is not a flatterer, he does not don’t have time for that “. She concludes with these words: What he says is said as it is said and it stays with you and me, I have so much respect, so much admiration and love for him, I already had it before”.

Marc Lavoine gives his news!

His friend Marc Lavoine also paid him a nice tribute. He also gave his news during an interview on Europe 1. “I had him on the phone, he thanks the people who support him because he is very sensitive to people on the street, to taxi drivers who send him words. He then added ” he will be on stage soon. I think that’s all we can say. The rest, he has already told him and I think it belongs to him. He’s been my friend for forty years, we call each other every day. “.

Other artists have also left him beautiful messages. Like all his fans and friends, we are impatiently awaiting Florent Pagny’s return to the stage!

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