Amnesty International challenges the Blues on Qatar

Amnesty International challenges the Blues on Qatar
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The choice of timing is not innocent: while Didier Deschamps must announce, this Thursday (2 p.m.) his list for the four League of Nations matches which will be played in June, Amnesty International France publishes the same day an “open letter aux Bleus” to encourage them to speak publicly about the living conditions of immigrant workers in Qatar, host of the next World Cup (November 21-December 18).

Foreign labor represents nearly 90% of the total population of the small Gulf peninsula (2.8 million inhabitants). “You will become legendary if, as reigning world champions, you help us defend and support migrant people working in appalling conditions in Qatar, without whom this World Cup would never have been possible. Your talent is worth gold, your word must weigh just as much! »writes the NGO, which adds that the France team will meet “undoubtedly these migrant workers in [son] hotel or when [ses] travel between stadiums and other training locations. »

Noël Le Graët, president of the FFF (P. Lahalle / L’Équipe)

The FFF said it was ready to verify, at its level, that the working conditions of these employees strictly comply with the new local legislation – which includes a minimum salary equivalent to 260€ – in its base camp. Al-Messila hotel, in Doha, and on the various infrastructures that the Blues will use in the rich gas emirate.

Putting the FFF under pressure

Amnesty’s strategy is part of its regular pressure on the FFF on human rights in Qatar and the aforementioned issues. Even if the “3F” and the NGO were able to meet on April 19, at the Paris headquarters of the body, to discuss these subjects, Amnesty had announced that it would continue its “work of interpellation and awareness”. For its part, the Federation had spoken of a “positive appointment” and a “message understood and well received”.

This open letter to the Blues also coincides with the release of the new report (62 pages) from the NGO, which questions Qatar and FIFA on “the extent of abuse” observed, according to her, in the field of workers’ rights since the attribution of the organization of the 2022 World Cup to the small emirate, on December 2, 2010. Amnesty calls in particular on the world body and in Qatar “the establishment of a comprehensive program of reparations for all violations of workers’ rights”. A fund “which would be used to repay in particular the very heavy debts they contract for to be able to work in Qatar, but also and above all to compensate the families of victims dead on construction sites, continues the organization.

At the beginning of the month, during a conference in Los Angeles (United States), Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, had explained: “When you give someone work, even in difficult conditions, you give them dignity and pride. » Infantino had preferred to insist on the introduction of the minimum wage in Qatar and the recent changes undertaken in labor law. The local Ministry of Labor has already acknowledged that there are still “still work to do”while explaining that“no other country has made so much progress on labor reforms in such a short time”.


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