An emblematic presenter of M6 arrested by the police, they thought she was doing the sidewalk


An emblematic presenter of M6 arrested by the police, they thought she was doing the sidewalk
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During her interview, the beautiful brunette confided in many subjects. She also remembered that day when she was arrested by the police. The latter thought that the presenter was on the sidewalk. We give you more details.

From presenter to girl of joy?

Karine Le Marchand needs no introduction. If she appeared in many programs during these years, it is mainly thanks to “Love is in the meadow” that she met with success.

As a result, like all public figures, Karine Le Marchand grants interviews from time to time. This Friday, June 5, 2020, for example, it was with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine that the host had confided.

Racism or even France 5, Karine Le Marchand discussed several topics during its passage. In particular, she said that she could make a career in politics. The presenter also did not forget to mention the farmers and their living conditions.

During this same interview, Karine notably remembered the day when she was arrested by the police. Remember that the host has been helping her followers find love from her lives for some time.

However, during confinement, it was in her car that Karine Le Marchand used to do her lives. For good reason, the presenter, who was in the provinces at that time, had “three teenagers who took all the wifi”. Therefore, the beautiful brunette was driving to go to the village and that’s where she was talking to his fans in his car.

However, one fine day, the presenter was arrested by the police. The latter believed, in fact, that Karine Le Marchand “hidden”.

How did the presenter get away with it?

After being stopped by the police, Karine Le Marchand obviously explained. Fortunately for her, they believed the real version.

“They could see that I was live. I told them: ‘I’m filming you!’ It was so funny,” she said.

Following this anecdote from Karine Le Marchande, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine took the opportunity to ask if the host had already “found love for gendarmes”. The answer is no “.

However, Karine Le Marchand had claimed that policewomen have already presented themselves on her Instagram lives.

“But I don’t know if they found it,” she added.

Her fun vacation with Stephane Plaza

Currently, Karine Le Marchand is on vacation. The opportunity therefore for her to find her BFF forever, Stephane Plaza. The latter met the host at M6 ten years ago and since then the two have been inseparable.

They also do not hesitate to appear together on social networks. Besides, Karine had posted an image of his friend in a tutu neon pink lately, in her Instagram story.

“The integral class”, she writes in description.

To which Stephane replied:

“Yes, but it doesn’t matter: it’s open and it’s fresh”.

He cannot deny that between the two stars, there is a real bond. On June 9, 2022, Karine Le Marchand had also dedicated another post to his best friend, on his birthday.

In her message, Karine Le Marchand claimed to have done a lot of nonsense with the host, and it is not about to stop. She had also listed all the beautiful things Stephane Plaza did to her.

The latter, for example, has already taken the presenter to the Vatican to appease her with heartache. According to Karine Le Marchand, Stephane also took her in tennis to score points.

The 50-year-old would also tend to “empty” the bar of the beautiful brunette during the holidays. No doubt he did the same this year. For information, Karine and Stéphane are currently spending their summer in a property containing a large terrace and greenery.

Happy to spend time together, The two celebrities enjoy it to the max. Especially since it’s not every day that they are on vacation.

“We never leave for long because we work too much,” says the presenter.

We therefore wish them a very good holiday!

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