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Although tired by his treatment against lung cancer, Florent Pagny is still very combative. A resolutely positive state of mind revealed by the singer Anggun in an interview with Nice-Matin this Saturday July 23, 2022.

After having started a protocol several weeks ago to fight against his lung cancer, Florent Pagny is currently recovering. Although tired by his chemotherapy, the artist has always been reassuring about his state of health. “The latest news I have from inside, if I can put it that way, is that the tumor shrunk well, the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemoshe confided to Nikos Aliagas in an interview with Gala last May. A foolproof determination to which Anggun returned to Nice-Matin this Saturday July 23, 2022. “I check in on his health regularly. He is in good spirits and he is really carried away by the love of the French”said the former juror of Mask Singer during this interview. It must be said that Anggun knows Florent Pagny well. The two singers have been very close for years on stage and in private. “He held me by the hand and he introduced me to all this Parisian artistic world, especially its musicians and producers”, explained Anggun on Europe 1 in May 2022. Indeed, when the singer arrived in France in 1995, she did not speak French at the time. And it was thanks to Florent Pagny that his career took off. “Since then, we have kept in touch. When we meet again on TV sets, it makes us happyhad explained the interpreter of the tube Snow in the Sahara on RFM last April.

Florent Pagny: his support on which he can count

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In addition to Anggun, Florent Pagny can count on the support of his clan during his fight against the disease. Relatives who wear it during these difficult times. They are there, and we put it all into perspective as a family. We don’t want to get caught up in the drama. With us, we tell ourselves that there will always be solutions since there is a problem!”, had confided Florent Pagny in the magazine Gala. In addition, the artist is not insensitive to the support of his fans. “It surprised me, surprised and even destabilized me, who always likes to control situations”had confided Florent Pagny to the media.

Finally, the star was able to benefit from the support of Éric Serra in the face of the disease. Indeed, the composer of the soundtrack of the “Big Blue”, who suffered from lymph node cancer, did not hesitate to stay with the singer as he confided to the Parisianthis Wednesday, July 20. “We talked a lot with Florent. It happened to us right at the same time”, confided Eric Serra. Before adding: “It wasn’t the same cancer at all, but we had six chemo sessions each, spaced the same interval.” A similar test.

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