Anne-Sophie Lapix collapsed, she faces a terrible situation on France 2


Anne-Sophie Lapix collapsed, she faces a terrible situation on France 2
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Anne-Sophie Lapix has been talking a lot about her lately. And this as much for his choice of subject as for more personal criticism. The host’s fans have always responded to support her. But it seems that this popularity rating is about to collapse. We explain in this article why!

Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​the subject of controversy!

Anne-Sophie Lapix has been at the heart of discussions for a few months now. The presenter of the JT channel Number 2 chose to present her program from Ukraine. A decision which unfortunately was not unanimous among his colleagues. And it would seem that they are not the only ones to question this choice. The least we can say is that the young woman has always been able to show courage. And there is no lack of it despite the criticisms received following this new concept.

Besides the professional side, Anne-Sophie Lapix has also been criticized because of her physique recently. Indeed, his feet would have been the subject of comments from his viewers. A simple detail that will not go unnoticed. But that does not seem to discourage the young woman. On the contrary, she continues to officiate on the set so as to find what is best for her show. And this was proven again on May 24th.

A rich program for France 2!

France 2 has a knack for unearthing interesting subjects. And that, Anne-Sophie Lapix once again highlighted it during her 8 p.m. newscast. Let us recall, moreover, that the latter made a return to the first three months of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But it was also an opportunity for her to take stock of the case of Jacques Boutier. He is currently charged with assault on minors and other high profile charges. Subjects that have therefore shaken France for some time.

Economically, Anne-Sophie Lapix has also brought up the subject of inflation. The decline in purchasing power as well as the solutions provided by the State do not fail to arouse attention. Indeed, this information can have an impact on everyone’s daily life. It is therefore normal to think that these are subjects not to be missed. But despite the team’s efforts, things don’t seem to be getting better!

Anne-Sophie Lapix: a program that is collapsing

It has been several weeks now that Anne-Sophie Lapix’s show has known a decline in popularity. Indeed, the audience rate of the 8 p.m. news from France 2 continues to drop. What leave the production in doubt as to the strategies to adopt to regain ground. Experts on the subject even denounce the show’s worst ratings in recent times.

Thus on May 24, Anne-Sophie Lapix succeeded in bringing together 3.87 million French people in front of the small screen. A figure is equivalent to 19% of the total audience only. Compared to the last few weeks, the chain has also suffered a loss of one point.

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