Are you tired of flies buzzing around your house? Try this super effective trick

Are you tired of flies buzzing around your house?  Try this super effective trick
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The presence and buzzing of flies can be unpleasant in a home. Find out how to get rid of them at home with an infallible trick.

House flies belong to the Diptera species which have two wings. They invade our homes and can feces everywhere and can carry bacteria. Females could lay 400 to 600 eggs; their reproduction is therefore rapid. Here’s how to get rid of it with natural methods

What is the trick to fight against flies in your house?

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If it is important to know the effective repellents against flies, it is because these little beasts can be responsible for the spread of diseases. In addition, these flying insects are harmful in that they produce an unpleasant buzzing noise in the house. It is in the spring that these insects are rampant with bed bugs but also mosquitoes. Fortunately, it is possible to scare them away without chemicals with an effective trick that works in no time. One thing is certain: you will no longer be able to do without it in your daily life.

– The trick with lemon and cloves

To keep flies away from your home, all you need is a lemon and a handful of cloves. To adopt this 100% natural method, cut the citrus fruit in half and plant about fifteen cloves in it, a remedy known for its anesthetic properties. Place this natural repellent near fly entry points such as the windowsill. If this simple and easy to adapt method works, it is because these beasts hate these two strong smells. You can say goodbye to them once and for all. It is recommended to repeat this operation every three days.

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Lemon and cloves – Source: spm

There are other tricks to keep flies away

Beyond this formidable trick with lemon and cloves, other natural ingredients can help you fight flies in your house. You will no longer need to use pesticides and your interior will smell exquisite.

– Some plants are fly repellents

If you have a green thumb, you can kill two birds with one stone. And for good reason, there are plants to grow at home that are also natural fly repellents. Among them, we find, bay leaves, marigold, basil or even catnip.

– Apple cider vinegar and dishwashing liquid are effective against flies

To say goodbye to flies in your home, there is a fearsome mixture that, unlike repellents, traps these insects. Start by mixing apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a tall glass and wrapping it in plastic wrap. Using a fork, drill small holes. Flies will be attracted by the smell of apple cider vinegar which acts as bait and will enter through the holes. Their paws will be stuck in this sticky mixture and they will be trapped.


White vinegar – Source: spm

– Cayenne pepper is an effective fly repellent

Still thanks to its strong smell, cayenne pepper is a powerful repellent against flies that can invade your home. To take advantage of the virtues of this spice, mix it with water that you pour in a bottle with a sprayer. All you have to do is spray the solution around the house to deter flies from entering.

You will have understood: if flies bother you, you do not need to use a spray filled with chemicals that are bad for your respiratory health. There are natural options that will help you get rid of their annoying buzz.

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