Arrested for unscanned items, customer wants ‘apology’ from Ikea


Arrested for unscanned items, customer wants ‘apology’ from Ikea
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Two wardrobes to go buy, a rental vehicle to return and there would only be assembly to manage… This is how a resident of Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin) imagined his Saturday afternoon. Except that his move to Ikea Strasbourg did not go as smoothly as expected.

“I came with a friend because the two pieces of furniture are bulky,” recounts S., who had also borrowed a van for a short time. The shipment shouldn’t be long and wasn’t too bad of a start until checkout. “The two cabinets were still spread out over 32 different rooms [8 références], which is a bit stressful”, nuances the 30-year-old. “There were also a lot of people, logical for a weekend. »

“I told them it was a mistake”

Still, the duo ended up at an automatic checkout. “I monopolized the three that were aligned given my load, I admit that it was a mistake”, specifies the interested party, who then scanned his articles. Until asking the help of a hostess to settle the final bill. “Because it didn’t work. I had bought a voucher for 850 euros on a site with 8% cashback and the manipulation did not work. ” Detail settled, they finally passed the barriers to leave the store. Except that two agents then wanted to control the purchases. To discover irregularities of a total of approximately 250 euros.

“It corresponded to two large squares worth around one hundred euros each and four small items of just over ten euros each”, further details the customer, who says he immediately pleaded guilty. “I told them it was a mistake. In addition they realized that two barcodes, for the two most expensive parts, did not work. If I had wanted to fly, I would not have requested a QR code via my cashback site which covered all of my purchases. I had already paid 850 euros, I had no interest in not spending it. »

A version challenged by the Swedish furniture giant. “Already because this type of voucher can be used in several installments. There was money left on it after the checkout where the customer knowingly omitted to scan several items, ”explains the Ikea communication department to 20 minutes indicating that the usual procedures have been “applied”. “As always with a desire to establish dialogue, which explains the arrival of the director. »

Another argument put forward by the company to justify being within its rights, S. “admitted knowing that two barcodes did not work. But he did not report it when he had a hostess available. In addition, given the quantity of items he had on his carts, a traditional checkout was offered to him. It had been firmly refused by the client. »

“Handcuffed”, “photographed”

Joined by 20 minutes, the police confirm that they intervened in the store and arrested the two men for an “attempted robbery in a meeting”. “Investigations remain to be done, in particular with regard to video surveillance”, specifies a police source. “The two individuals have been released and will be summoned later. »

S. does not doubt it but regrets, once again, the turn that events have taken. “We were handcuffed, photographed, we had to leave our fingerprints. We were treated like criminals! I find all this disproportionate. I expect an apology and that Ikea recognizes its wrongs. Especially since it’s not the first time…”

In October 2018, a similar case took place in the same Alsatian brand, for poorly scanned jars. The French branch of the Swedish company had finally apologized and withdrawn its complaint. In this case, it is obviously not in the intentions of Ikea, despite the multiple attempts of the duo to spread the case on social networks.

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