Astrid Veillon judged on her physique: “It hurt me a lot”

Astrid Veillon judged on her physique: “It hurt me a lot”
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Astrid Veillon has sometimes suffered from her reputation as a femme fatale. (Photo by Pierre HOUNSFIELD/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Brunette, blue eyes, a perfect figure… Astrid Veillon has always responded to the dictates of beauty. Unfortunately, the actress on the poster for “Tandem” this Tuesday, May 31, 2022 has not always been able to take advantage of her beauty. On the contrary, her physique as a ” femme fatale ” has played tricks on her in her career.

Astrid Veillon celebrated her 50th birthday a few months ago, but she has been in the spotlight for more than 30 years. Starting out as a model, she posed for pictures, appeared in commercials and eventually landed her first roles in AB productions, fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming an actress. A model passing in front of the camera? It’s not that surprising. But the beauty of the young woman quickly gave her a reputation which she struggled to get rid of.

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A beauty that generates jealousy

In an interview with Télé Magazine, the actress of the series “Tandem” confided that she had suffered from her reputation as a “femme fatale”. “I was very victim of these rivalries between women when I was younger. When they saw this brunette with light eyes, dressed sexy with big ‘tétés’, I felt like ‘the beast to slaughter.” Rivalries that have caused him problems in his personal relationships, but also in his career. “I was never sure of myself, I was often belittled. I had to do a lot of work to stop giving the other the power to mistreat me. It could have left me on the floor, but I made it a strength.”

Rather than suffer mockery and rivalry, she decided to change this image, which did not really suit her. “If it hurt me a lot, it also helped me to review my behavior, because this young woman was not me.” Moreover, today, she is proud of her career: “I started this job when I was 20, today I am 50. I have fewer things to prove. The love of my son soothed me, as did my personal journey. Maturity, what!”

Her revenge on those who did not believe in her

Always in the columns of Télé Grandes Chaînes, Astrid Veillon confided that her beauty pushed people not to take her seriously. “This job is violent when you’re pretty. Besides, I’ve been had a lot of times but that’s how you learn. I was not harassed on the other hand I was humiliated because of my lack of culture.” As a result, she decided to take matters into her own hands. “One day, with friends, we were complaining that there were no comedic roles for girls, and the mother of one of us told us to stop complaining and write the roles we wanted. That’s how I started writing The Bathroom, when I had never written anything in my life. My family, my friends made fun of me. In the end, the play didn’t was only produced but it was a hit. It was the start of my acting career.”

A real trigger in his career: “It’s a source of great pride for me who has never taken a course. The doors of the cinema had been closed to me but I was at the theater. It gave me confidence in myself. I told myself that I was not that bad.(…) On a professional level, this play and my first book [Pourras-tu me pardonner ?, ndlr] are the things of which I am most proud.” And to conclude: “By dint of seeing arrogance in the eyes of people, of those who had culture, I decided to get started. And, to catch up, I read, I read… And now, I write books!” A nice revenge.

Reviews of his weight

A few years after making her debut in the series “First kisses”, Astrid Veillon joined the cast of the show “Extreme limit”. Only problem: during the filming, she gains weight, and with this weight come grossophobic reflections from the production. “By playing in Extreme limit, I discovered the controlled tables. On the sets, we wait a lot between two takes, and I started to eat regularly”, she says in the Sericonic podcast. “I received faxes, at the time it was faxes, asking me to stop eating because I had really put on weight. It created a lot of problems within TF1. I was not the stereotype of the beautiful, slender nugget.”

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So much so that the show decided to make her weight one of the intrigues of the series: “I think young girls identified with me because of that.” Especially since the actress has long maintained a conflictual relationship with her body, as she recounts in her book “Nine months in the life of a woman”, released in 2010. “From my adolescence and until the in my thirties I have never stopped navigating from anorexia to bulimia. I still feel that I am too fat. Thanks to my therapy, I have learned to observe myself with a more complacent eye, to get out of this permanent food vigilance. obsession with fat, flabby thighs, and a big belly has moved away from me a little.” In particular thanks to the birth of his son.

A very controlled physique

The filming of the “Tandem” series somewhat revived this notion of control that she had experienced earlier in her career, since Astrid Veillon was banned from certain physical transformations. “It’s been a very long time since I wanted a fringe and that I was more or less forbidden for the series”, she revealed to the magazine Nous Deux. But the actress finally decided to follow her desires, convinced that it could only do her character good. “It was time to give Léa a boost because she is entering a phase where she is afraid of change around her.”

Today, she is delighted with her decision: “I changed my hairstyle last year. I didn’t dare to take the plunge and then I told myself that I was not going to be afraid of a fringe. I’m approaching 50, but it’s a course that I live quite well. There are few possibilities to change your look when you have long hair. I had not told anyone about this new hairstyle, and it was talk a lot when I arrived on set. So we made it a real decision on the part of my character.” No regrets, therefore.


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