Astrology: these astrological signs could lose everything in 2022!

Astrology: these astrological signs could lose everything in 2022!
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Reading your horoscope in 2022 is usually fun, but sometimes the astro news is crap. Like, really shitty.

To put it simply: each planet controls a part of our existence. Venus rules love and money, Mercury owns communication, Neptune rules the world of dreams, and so on. As the planets move through the twelve signs, they take on the energies associated with those signs, such as Scorpio is mysterious, Aries is energetic, and Gemini is cunning.

Sometimes planets don’t like to be in certain signs, and sometimes those planets, when in those signs, don’t work well in our individual or collective charts. For 2022, I discovered several unfortunate aspects for the three signs that will have the worst year ahead. These alignments are likely to cause all sorts of problems for some of us (depending on our sun signs), from small miscommunications to massive life-altering changes.

In case you’re scared, don’t be. Having the “worst” 2022 does not necessarily mean that we have only bad luck, all the time. These three zodiac signs will have the worst year in 2022, but you have to believe it’s for the best in the long run, my friend.



Libra, 2022 is your “Year of Truth”. You tend to hide your feelings behind a mask of distance and intellect, but with Venus in retrograde Capricorn squatting your sign from the end of 2021 until January 29, there’s nothing you can do but to confront the people and ways of life of the past with radical honesty from the start of the year. Pretending to be OK no longer helps you.

2022 libra

This year’s three major Mercury retrogrades are at shitty angles with your sign, which will make miscommunication frequent throughout the year. Be very careful to tell the truth, as your words can and will easily be misinterpreted. Speaking of yet another retrograde (sorry!): expect to feel tumultuous and unsettled during Pluto’s retrograde, which squats you from April 29 to October 8.

While Mercury retrograde primarily causes trouble in the material world, Pluto retrograde is more subtle and profound. You will probably feel out of place and wonder about your purpose – just try to hold on. It will pass, and the challenges of 2022 will lead you to truth and an amazing 2023.


Get ready for “the year of discomfort”, Leo. 2022 is going to rock you, shake your world, and teach you that you can handle even more discomfort than you realize. 2022 will undeniably be difficult for you, but not unnecessarily. It is up to you to learn from the inconveniences the cosmos sends you.

2022 lion

All four eclipses this year (which occur on April 30, May 16, October 25, and November 8) are squared to your sign. When planets in their normal state square aspects of your chart, it signals stagnation and unease. Combine this square with the energy of the eclipse and you have a cosmic catalyst for immense shifts and upheavals.

Just after the first eclipse cycle of 2022, you are also unlucky enough to be influenced by retrograde Mercury squaring your sign from May 22 to June 3. This will be an opportune time to practice speech awareness; While I know you like to have all eyes on you, Leo, 2022 (and this part of the year in particular) is a time for introspection and working within.

Additionally, Uranus retrograde squares you around August 24 and stays there until 2023, forcing you to identify where you are “stuck” and forcing you to change.

You’re not the kind of person who likes being stopped in your tracks, but in 2022 you’ll have to get used to it. Can you use this period to learn how to sit with discomfort? The discomfort of silence when you would rather talk about yourself, the discomfort of being alone, and the discomfort, perhaps, of being deprived of the luxuries you take for granted? I have faith in you, dear Leo.


Aquarius, 2022 is your “Year of Understanding”. My weird and wonderful air sign friend, you’ve been given the same cosmic shit as Leo for 2022. Since your sign is opposite to theirs, and opposites share the same squares, find an exuberant Leo friend to empathize with. if it is not done yet.

2022 aquarius

Luckily for you, you can benefit from a little grace thanks to the influence of Saturn in your sign. As ancient astrologers believed that your sign was the natural “home” or energetic house of the planet Saturn, this ring planet will act as an anchor for all productivity-related endeavors throughout life (think: build homes, start a family, change careers) in a year that is likely to be difficult to navigate.


With all of the square 2022 eclipses and multiple Mercury retrogrades working against you, what kind of understanding can you develop from being held back? Aquarius energy is a wonderful combination of Capricorn energy and Pisces intuition, so when you are prevented from achieving your goals, you react aggressively and emotionally.

Use your experiences this year to cultivate a better understanding of the struggles of others, and turn those deep feelings into action for good. You’ll get by Aquarius!

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