At the end of the Paris-Nice flight, the pilot slips up at the microphone and attacks the “green militias” on the consumption of the planes


At the end of the Paris-Nice flight, the pilot slips up at the microphone and attacks the “green militias” on the consumption of the planes
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The landing was under control. The microphone output a little less. June 2, end of the Air France Nice-Paris flight. The pilot speaks, as reported on Twitter Christine Ollivier, journalist at JDD.

“He specifies at the microphone that the fuel consumption of the flight represented” 24 liters per passenger. See, that’s air transport: it has nothing to do with all these crazy beliefs that the “green militias” would like to impose on us

132 times more polluting than the TGV

“It took me aback, continues the journalist, on the phone. At first, when he gave consumption, I found it interesting. I figured it wasn’t that much. But I found this position surprising, in the case of a public theft. He killed his thing.”

While the impacts of climate change are being felt more than ever, the Air France pilot’s message poses two problems. First, the information given is not really one: the fuel is not the same as for a car, and neither is its pollution.

That’s why we have to talk about carbon emissions, as Ademe (ecological transition agency) does, which reminds us that, reported by passenger per kilometer, the means of transport that emits the most per passenger, it’s the plane. 130 times more than the TGV.

The shame of flying

According to the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the average annual carbon impact of a French person was 11.2t CO2e in 2019. To limit the fateful course of global warming to 2°C in 2050, the share of French would be to be limited to two tonnes of CO2 per year. That is, six times less.

Aware of the need to review their way of life and reduce their carbon footprint, many citizens question the use of the plane, given its impact. A term is also born from the Scandinavian countries: “flygskam”, feeling guilty about taking a plane.

An “inappropriate” initiative

The flight of the Air France pilot against the “green militias” is therefore very out of place, according to François Gemenne, climatologist and member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Basically, I find it useful to keep abreast of the carbon impact, responds the researcher. On the form, it is inappropriate: to speak of green militias is to give fuel to the anti-ecologicalism which is spreading.

“And maybe there were people on board who were concerned about their carbon footprint. Paris-Nice is one of the few domestic flights that can still be justified. It’s six hours by train. be that some would have preferred to take the train, but could not, because of imperatives or prices. So to be treated as green militia…”

Air France “regrets these remarks”

“We must be careful not to police behavior, completes François Gemenne. The idea is not to judge each other. The problem is structural, not individual: airline pricing policies, subsidies, rail supply… When the train is ten times more expensive, you shouldn’t blame people.”

For its part, the company clears its pilot: “Air France regrets these remarks which do not comply with its procedures and do not reflect the commitment of the company and its staff to sustainable development”


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