Bastia: anger rumbles at the Maymard clinic

Bastia: anger rumbles at the Maymard clinic
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The tension is still rising between the CGT union representatives and the management, which does not understand such an outcry. The director, Franck Valangendock, denies having made significant investments and listening to all the people under his responsibility.

Since the arrival of the Almaviva group as the main shareholder of the Maymard clinic in Bastia, the healthcare establishment has never been talked about so much at union level. If, before, the management wanted to be almost paternalistic, with a settlement of conflicts without involving the trade unions, since the change of owner, the latter often step up to the plate. It is the CGT which once again sounds the alarm. In a statement received by our editorial staff, the confederation denounces “a general fed up of the staff. Today, the human has disappeared and we are led by bureaucrats a thousand leagues from the realities and our daily lives”.

Black spots are listed by the staff gathered under the banner of the CGT. “Lack of communication, priority given to accounting figures and not to people. A purely accounting management makes it possible not to replace the absences of the staff, in defiance of the quality of care and the exhaustion of the staff.

“Unacceptable discriminatory practices”

The CGT drives the point home and affirms “that salaries do not evolve and that qualifications are not recognized”. Still according to the union: “Compensation for new hires (those made essential and urgent following the numerous resignations) are negotiated by mutual agreement and sometimes more advantageous than those imposed on older staff! Finally, no recognition towards those who for so many years years have contributed to the reputation of our establishments. Unacceptable discriminatory practices.” After drawing up this list of demands, the CGT regrets that “Despite the many renovation projects, we are still working in unsuitable premises for optimal and secure care. We are still waiting for the first coat of paint! It is time for our management to recognize that our clinic is not a start-up. up nor a cash machine! The CGT continues to warn about the degraded situation of our establishments. Everyone go away! React! How far away are the promises of improvement and a future assured and radiant. The CGT alerts the management, the ARS, the public authorities on the catastrophic consequences that would result if profound changes did not intervene without delay in the management of our establishments.”

“The staffing problem is general”

For his part, the director of the Maymard clinic, Franck Valangendock, is surprised “of this union communication, the content of which I did not know and which I was able to discover on Corse Net infos. Two things surprise me, first of all the absence of work. Since the Almaviva group arrived in March 2021 , we have already invested more than 2.5 million euros. This is not trivial. It is without counting on the sums that will be injected into our establishments to improve and renovate them. Second element that concerns me : the lack of communication. It is all the same strange since, in our small structure, I allow myself as soon as there is information to pass it on personally and by email to our 300 employees. This remark leaves me speechless. “

The director says he understands, however, the claim on the difficulties of replacing staff who are absent or resign. A trend that is general according to him. “It is not specific to our clinic. The hospital currently can only run two blocks for lack of nursing staff. We manage for days to open five. The staffing problem is general. I want proof of this the plan launched by the ARS at the regional level to recruit carers Finally, as our salaries are lower than in the public sector, for an identical position a nurse will go more to the public hospital than to our clinic where she will receive less And wage inequalities exist and are maintained by the State itself which, during the Ségur de la santé, granted higher bonuses to public health care workers. Afterwards, I will not hide from you that in our financial situation, with deficits of 860,000 euros in 2019 and 1.6 million euros in 2020, it is difficult to raise salaries or give bonuses.” At the Maymard clinic, the climate is tense between employees and the Almaviva group.

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