Before the Champions League final against Real Madrid: Liverpool, the art of recovering from everything


Before the Champions League final against Real Madrid: Liverpool, the art of recovering from everything
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It is an understatement to say that Liverpool had dreams in their heads on May 26, 2018. The Reds were playing in their first Champions League final for 11 years. They had the opportunity to find the heights of Europe for the first time since the unforgettable night of Istanbul in 2005. That of kyiv was going to turn into a nightmare. A demonized Sergio Ramos, involved in the injury of Mo Salah who had deprived the Mersey club of its number one asset in attack from the first period. And on a shock with Loris Karius, victim of a concussion which explains at least in part why the Reds goalkeeper was guilty of two goals conceded by his team in the second half.

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On paper, it’s royal


The implacable Real, winner (3-1) and crowned European champion for the third consecutive year, was responsible for brutally bringing Liverpool back to earth. The training of Jürgen Klopp could have stayed there. Never recover from this failure. To see a glass ceiling impossible to break and gradually return to the ranks after being so close to the summit. There is never the certainty that the train will pass a second time, with all the doubts that implies. The observation, four years later, is that Liverpool has not sunk. Quite the contrary. Without this nightmare, the Reds might not have achieved all their dreams.

“If Real loses the final, it will expose itself to the Mbappé earthquake”

kyiv, the genesis of a force

kyiv is the starting point. The genesis of a force that has never left Liverpool since. No, the formation of Jürgen Klopp did not win everything. Exactly. From her (rare) failures, she has always been able to recover. The following season set the tone in a sensational way. With an incredible reversal of the situation to eliminate Barça (4-0) in the semi-finals of the Champions League, against all odds after the heavy setback in the first leg (3-0). A magical night at Anfield where these Reds understood that they were capable of anything, especially the best. Whatever the circumstances.

“We saw Liverpool’s flaws… and above all its ability to correct them”

The quest for the title of European champion a few weeks later also went in this direction. Three weeks earlier, Liverpool had suffered a big disappointment in the league. The prospect of bringing back this crown of England which had eluded him since 1990 was gone for nothing. Finishing a season with 97 points and not being champion is a particularly hard pill to swallow. Klopp and his men digested it without problem. By dominating Tottenham to bring the cup to the big ears on the banks of the Mersey (2-0). Then by signing a magnificent championship the following season to finally win the title, thirty years later.

Alisson’s memory

Getting up from it all also means knowing how to recover from an off season. Few people imagined it after the coronation of 2020 which seemed more likely to launch a red dynasty. Finally back at the top, Liverpool only fell from higher the following season, marked by an incredible cascade of injuries. Klopp’s side haven’t lifted a single trophy. She could even have missed qualifying for the Champions League. It’s a trend that Reds goalkeeper Alisson shattered with an angry header in injury time to deliver a momentous victory – to put it mildly – over West Brom in the sprint. final.

Will Haaland kill the suspense in England? “It can break the City-Liverpool duopoly”

It only makes more sense today, a few hours before a new C1 final against Real Madrid. The white season has become a very distant memory. The Reds were able to bounce back from the following exercise. And immediately make up for a trophyless 2020 by winning the Emirates FA Cup and the Carabao Cup. The Reds have regained their strength in the image of Virgil van Dijk. Above all, they were able to pick up the thread of their game, their solidarity, their desire to win. A thunderous return to the fore, which Liverpool owes to one thing only: solid and reinforced foundations over the years since their failure in 2018.

Real, this symbol

Kyiv may seem far away from one side. And very close to each other. Because the Reds will find this Real who hurt them so much four years ago. The merengue club has not at all experienced the same trajectory as its English counterpart since 2018. However, if a team can compete with Liverpool in the art of recovering from everything, it is that of Carlo Ancelotti. She was buried against PSG in the round of 16. Again against Chelsea in the quarter-finals. Especially against Manchester City in the semi-finals. However, she will be well at the Stade de France to aim for a 14th European title. And the first since kyiv.

It’s not so much about revenge. Rather close the loop. Symbolically, it will be a question of bouncing back, again and again, for Jürgen Klopp’s men. To react in the most beautiful way after the cruel disappointment suffered last week. At the end of which they saw the title of champion of England slipping through their fingers for a small point, once again, after a scenario of madness. And the prospect of achieving a historic quadruple at the same time. Hard to take. But the Reds know the recipe for recovery.

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