Beijing Express: the duo formed by Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion insupport Internet users


Beijing Express: the duo formed by Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion insupport Internet users
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The duo formed by Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Valentin in “Beijing Express” annoyed Internet users. M6 screenshot

The first episode of season 16 of “Beijing Express” was broadcast this Wednesday July 6 on M6. Viewers met the six pairs made up of a celebrity and one of his relatives … And very quickly, the duo formed by Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion, Vincent, particularly annoyed Internet users.

This Wednesday, July 6 was marked by the great return of “Beijing Express” on our screens. However, this season 16, entitled “Duos de choc”, was not like the others since this time, the candidates were far from being unknown. For the second time since the launch of the show, M6 decided to launch this human challenge to personalities, who played for associations. Thus, each duo (except one) is made up of a celebrity and one of their relatives. Viewers were able to find comedian Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs, former First Lady Valérie Trierweiler and her best friend Karine as well as Paralympic swimming champion Théo Curin accompanied by his agent Anne. Former Miss France Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Valentin were also there, as was influencer Just Riadh and his best friend Abdallah. Finally, sports commentator Xavier Domerguea discovered that he was going to have an adventure with journalist Yoann Riou, whom he only knew by name.

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A truly “touching” sequence

For this season, head to Sri Lanka and its breathtaking landscapes. And as was to be expected, this first evening offered many surprises and great emotions to viewers. It must be said that once again, the candidates of “Beijing Express” have experienced moments out of time. After an intense first test, in order to determine the three best duos who fought for the immunity test, all the participants slept with locals. One thing is certain, it is that these meetings will remain forever etched in their minds. Residents, who live in misery, opened their doors to candidates, with remarkable kindness and hospitality. Moreover, the sequence between Theo and his host, who had already seen a video of the champion on the Internet, upset Internet users.

“A little toxic”

At first glance, Internet users were rather reluctant to the idea of ​​a special “Beijing Express” for celebrities. However, as the evening progressed, they were pleasantly surprised by these pairs. Very quickly, they fell in love with certain duos, in particular for the one formed by Théo and his agent. However, two candidates were quickly singled out on the Web. This is the former Miss France and her companion. It must be said that they had announced the color from their presentation.

“We found the one we’re going to hate this season”

As they explained, they argue very often, and sometimes they don’t talk to each other for a week. A remark that shocked the Twittos, but not only. They have indeed noticed the tensions between the couple during the adventure. From the launch, they already started to tear. Moreover, many Twitter subscribers deplored Vincent’s behavior, which they considered “sexist” and even “disrespectful” against his girlfriend. For some, Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Vincent would even form a “toxic couple”. At the end of this first episode of “Beijing Express, shock duos”, the two lovers were not unanimous.

Despite their disputes, Rachel Legrain-Trapani and her companion Valentin came in first place in the first round. They won a first amulet of 3000 euros for their association.

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