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22:15 Q4-6’09: Bacon’s Andone. ASVEL is dropping a lot of points now.

22:13 Q4-6’44: Fall is on the ground. The game is stopped.

22:10 Q4-8’21: Mike James is in the rhythm: 12pts for the Monegasque leader including 2 shots at 3pts in this Q4

22:08 Q4-8’47: Wow! Mike James is back. The leader gives his team a 4 point lead.

22:07 Q4-9’07: The Roca Team takes the lead for the first time in the match!


20-11 for Monaco in Q3. The suspense is present before the last QT. The end of the game promises to be legendary.


ASVEL leads by a small point but the momentum is for Roca Team.

22:02 End of Q3:

21:59 Q3-1’26: The Roca Team clearly has room to get ahead.

21:58 Q3-2’34: Evening disappointment: Mike James. The leader is shy tonight, 5pts at 2/12 to shoot.

21:49 Q3-5’08: 11-4 for the Roca Team in this Q3. The game is rebalancing. The suspense returns.

21:47 Q3-6’14 It’s better for the Roca Team. ASVEL seems tense at the start of Q3.

21:41 Q3-10′


10pts lead for ASVEL. Monaco wins Q2 but it will take a big second period to turn the game around. Okobo is in his match (12pts, 3rbds, 4ast). On the side of the Roca Team, Motiejunas is precious, especially on the line.

21:26 End of Q2

21:21 Q2-1’07: Superb action by ASVEL punctuated by a 3pts. Still 1min of play, +8 for the locals.

21:15 Q2-4’05: The Roca Team systematically plays in 1vs1. For now, it’s working.

21:10 Q2-6’03: More than 7pts difference. Dwayne Bacon paces his team.

21:08 Q2-7’12: Okobo is on fire! An and-one and an impressive stat sheet (8pts, 3rbds, 4ast)

21:01 Q2-9’16: Motiejunas warming up. In question, an unsportsmanlike foul on the Roca Team player. The referees calm the game.

20:59 End of Q1: 13pts ahead for ASVEL. Big % in shots for the locals (76.9) but the Roca Team is coming back well. Okobo is still as complete (5pts, 2rbds, 3ast)

20:51 Q1-1’39: It’s better for the Roca Team. Less than two minutes before the end of Q1. Lee pushes his team.

20:49 Q1-2’35: Attention to the gap for the Monegasques. Already 17pts behind. ASVEL is at 90% in the shoot. That doesn’t help…

20:47 Q1-3’29: Monaco tries from afar but lacks success. 1/5 to 3pts in this Q1.

20:44 Q1-4’33: The Roca Team is underwater. The Monegasques force in attack. ASVEL enjoys the opposite.

20:42 Q1-5’07: And the and one for David Lighty!

20:40 Q1-6’30: 2/2 to 3pts for Knight. ASVEL maintains its lead.

20:37 Q1-7’18: Start of ASVEL’s crazy match with two monstrous distant shots. The tone is set in this finale.

20:32 Q1-10′: Let’s go!


The Astroball is on fire! The match will start soon.


The players are on the floor. Kick off in less than 10min!


5th round in this Betclic Elite final. 2-2 so far. ASVEL won 85-68 on the Monaco floor in match 4. The decisive match will be played tonight at Astroballe, ASVEL’s home.


Hello and welcome to our site to follow live commentary on Match 5 of the Betclic Elite final between ASVEL and Monaco, from 8:30 p.m. Tonight, we will know the name of the 2022 French basketball champion!

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