BMW i4 100% electric: more autonomy than the Tesla Model 3


BMW i4 100% electric: more autonomy than the Tesla Model 3
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For more than two years, who says electric sedan almost always says Tesla Model 3. Unless you are allergic to the universe of the American brand as some “anti Apple” people can be. you have to recognize real qualities in this little roadster, whether it’s performance, autonomy or fluidity in the multimedia system. Benefits all the more attractive as throughout the year 2021, the Model 3 Standard was displayed around 36,000 € once the CO2 bonus has been deducted. But after having gone it alone, the American now sees the competition emerging in its mirrors.

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Starting with a particularly sharp BMW i4. Presented in mid-2021 and barely beginning its career, the German shows great driving qualities. Each time we take it in hand, we notice a flattering presentation, a comfort/behaviour compromise above the Tesla and already more than sufficient performance on the entry-level “eDrive40” version. But to compete with the Model 3 in Long Range version – the only one to put in front of the BMW –, it is above all necessary to offer comfortable autonomy.. What the Bavarian achieves without difficulty, as we have seen after passing through our independent test database.

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More autonomy but less performance

For the first time at the wheel of a sedan with sports performance, we traveled more kilometers than on board the “3”. Thanks to its large 87 kWh battery, the i4 exceeds 460 km in the city and even 463 km on the road before recharging, a few kilometers more than a Model 3 Long Autonomy and its 75 kWh accumulator. Even on the highway, the German reaches our record value of 350 km shared, this time, with the American. On the other hand, the “3” remains ahead in terms of pure performance, thanks to the 457 hp delivered by its two engines (one in front, one behind). Opposite, the BMW is content with 340 hp in this access version, which already allows it to offer canon times. Displayed at the same price of €59,000 before bonuses (€2,000 until July 1), these two sedans, however, move away from each other as the BMW is equipped. Because the Model 3 is delivered “all options”. More expensive, the German, however, advances a manufacturing quality a thousand miles from the American. This is felt both in terms of materials and soundproofing. On the other hand, the Palo Alto firm stays one step ahead with its network of child-friendly superchargers.

The real autonomy of the BMW i4 eDrive40 and Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy

Measure BMW i4 Tesla Model 3
MeasureCity autonomy BMW i4460km Tesla Model 3457km
MeasureRoad range BMW i4463km Tesla Model 3426km
MeasureFreeway range BMW i4350km Tesla Model 3350km
MeasureCons. mean** BMW i418.9kWh/100km Tesla Model 319.8kWh/100km
Measure0 to 100 km/h BMW i45.7s Tesla Model 34.6s
Measure80 to 120 km/h BMW i43.2s Tesla Model 32.3s

* range measurements taken by 24° for the BMW and 20° for the Tesla.

** the average consumption takes into account the electricity swallowed by the on-board charger, which is not displayed on the dashboard.

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