Business bankruptcies up 50%! – Insolentiae


Business bankruptcies up 50%!  – Insolentiae
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Here is.

Here we are.

Bruno Lumière the great lighthouse of Bercy and the helmsman in charge of the country’s economy, after having indebted our nation for more than 600 billion euros with the endorsement of the Grand Vizier of the Palace to save our country at all costs , went from whatever it costs to whatever it costs… our businesses.

I have always said that all companies had to be saved from Covid confinements, the relevance of which will be judged by history or not.

I have also always said that it was completely stupid to let our companies die of the energy crisis after having saved them for 600 billion because we will logically find ourselves 600 billion poorer and with thousands of companies less. So we lose on all counts.



“After the lull linked to the pandemic and all the aid put in place, the number of business failures is increasing faster and faster. According to Altares, insolvencies jumped nearly 50% year-on-year. A totally unprecedented increase.
Still according to Altares, there were more than 12,250 business failures in the fourth quarter of 2022. In total, therefore, 42,500 failures were recorded over the whole year. This represents a jump of 49% over one year, unheard of”.

“All companies, whatever their size, and no longer just the smallest ones are now caught up in the difficulties. In SMEs with less than 100 employees, the number of failures jumped 78% last year. Large groups, too, are no longer spared with a hundred procedures. In this context, the number of jobs concerned has also jumped. Nearly 143,000 direct jobs are now threatened. That’s nearly 50,000 more over a year.

This is the announced, predictable, obvious disaster that materializes before your eyes, not even surprised.

Capitalism of predation versus capitalism of creation.

78% increase in SMEs with fewer than 100 people, which are the companies that both create the most jobs and are also the most fragile and precarious because here we are not in a globalized and financial capitalism .

No, we are in the capitalism of predation but in that of creation, and our mamamouchis, because they are the voluntary or involuntary servants of the capitalism of predation, kill and destroy, through their bewildering economic policies, this capitalism of creation and proximity that we must defend.

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