“Buy a PS5!” : the producer of Final Fantasy 16 lets go


“Buy a PS5!”  : the producer of Final Fantasy 16 lets go
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Game news “Buy a PS5!” : the producer of Final Fantasy 16 lets go

It’s arguably one of the most anticipated games of 2023, and probably one of the best-selling PlayStation 5 games ahead of its release: Final Fantasy XVI, due out June 22, is a PS5 console exclusive, and the least we can say is that its producer wants to get the message across!

When Final Fantasy XVI was unveiled in September 2020 at a conference entirely dedicated to the future PlayStation 5, two months before its release, its first trailer gave hope for a next-gen exclusivity… and maybe even PlayStation at all. Later, we learned that if Square-Enix did not intend to slow down its development by also devoting itself to a PlayStation 4 version of its future title, the latter’s arrival on PC was also confirmed (for later) via a discreet mention at the end of a trailer. However, the “thinking head” of Final Fantasy XVI does not seem to see the game anywhere other than on PS5…


  • The return of Final Fantasy as a PlayStation exclusive
  • Yoshi-P wants you to buy the PS5

The return of Final Fantasy as a PlayStation exclusive

In 2010, with Final Fantasy XIII, the license landed for the first time on an Xbox console.

During E3 2008, the video game world faced a shocking announcement: Final Fantasy XIII, unlike its glorious predecessors, was going to be released for the first time on two different consoles simultaneously. Exclusive to consoles nintendo during its first six iterations, Square’s most famous franchise would then see its main canonical episodes published only on the machines of sony in terms of distribution on consoles (some, like Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII, also being ported to PC). The arrival of the license on Xbox 360, while the general public imagined a PlayStation 3 exclusivity, surprised many, but everyone got used to it. On the next generation, the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV thus appeared simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One without making headlines.

The mention is discreet, but Final Fantasy XVI is indeed also planned on PC. But not right now.

However, the situation seems to have changed in the meantime, since more than 6 years after the last “canonical” Final Fantasy, Square Enix no longer seems eager to release a new episode of the main series on Xbox consoles. After a Final Fantasy VII Remake that seems to be definitely confined to PlayStation consoles and PC (just like its Final Fantasy VII Rebirth sequel), the Japanese publisher continues its momentum by limiting the long-awaited “FF16” to the PS5, at least for a certain period following its launch. The same goes for the MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online, designed primarily for the PC but whose success extends to PlayStation consoles… but never happened on any Xbox machine. And to believe his strong man, one could almost believe that it is now Sony that is intended for the license in priority.

Yoshi-P wants you to buy the PS5

With the success of FFXIV Online, Naoki Yoshida is the new strongman of the Final Fantasy license.

Having become a real star among fans of the MMO back from limbo, Naoki Yoshida is not only the man who “resurrected” Final Fantasy XIV, but he is also in a way the new “mister Final Fantasy” since he will simply be the producer of Final Fantasy XIV, just that. Credited in several episodes of the franchise, however, he only really worked mainly on “FF14”, which also met with surprising success on consoles for an MMO (its more than solid playability on the pad not being unrelated to this). Obviously, the one who also calls himself “Yoshi-P” with the community is attached to PlayStation consoles, and invites players interested in Final Fantasy XVI… to buy a PS5, simply. According to one video released on Japanese platform Niconicoplayers announced that they would buy the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI, and his reaction, although visibly tinged with humor, was unequivocal:

No one has said anything about a PC release. Why act as if a PC version was released 6 months later? Don’t worry about that, buy a PS5! (laughs) Okay, sorry, I’m exaggerating. We’ve done our best, and I hope you’re looking forward to it!

– Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI

Casually, despite its somewhat ironic appearance, this intervention is surprising. As the release window for the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI has never been confirmed, Did “Yoshi-P” unwittingly hint that his future production would appear 6 months after the PS5 release? Or should we deduce that we will not have to hurry if we want to play the successor to “FF15” on PC, and that the latter risks remaining exclusive to the Sony machine for about as long as the titles developed by the Japanese manufacturer’s in-house studios? Waiting for, Final Fantasy is scheduled for June 22, 2023 exclusively on PlayStation 5, and according to its producer, it is clearly to this machine that you will have to turn if you are eager to play it.

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