Can you guess which smartphone Bill Gates is using?


Can you guess which smartphone Bill Gates is using?
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During an exchange on Reddit, the founder of Microsoft spoke about his preferences in terms of smartphones. And the answer is surprising.

An iconic figure in computing, Bill Gates is known as the co-founder of Microsoft with the late Paul Allen. Now far from the universe of a company now in the (good) hands of Satya Nadella, Bill Gates tries in particular to explain How to avoid the next pandemic in his latest book. The former boss of Microsoft also participated in an exchange on Reddit during which Internet users can ask various and varied questions. One of them is of particular interest to us since it concerns the smartphone that Bill Gates.

The American billionaire did not procrastinate and reveals that he uses an Android device with a big screen, but it’s not the Surface Duo 2. Rather than Microsoft’s amazing dual-screen smartphone, Bill Gates prefers the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung. The latter stands out as one of the most successful folding smartphones, but the response from the former Microsoft CEO is surprising.

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Indeed, the image of Bill Gates remains closely linked to that of Microsoft. In 1975, he took over the reins of this company, the success of which enabled him to become one of the richest men in the world. He will leave his post in 2000 to devote himself, in particular, to his Bill-and-Melinda-Gates foundation while keeping an eye on his lifelong business. He will also remain the main shareholder of Microsoft until 2014, before intervening in various fields via his foundation.

For smartphones, Bill Gates is unfaithful to Microsoft

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 runs on Android, a system that appeals to the founder of Microsoft. Since 2017, Bill Gates has repeatedly explained that he uses Android devices on a daily basis. Last year, in an interview for the Clubhouse application, he explained that he knew the iPhones of his eternal rival Apple well, but that the Android system was better suited to his needs. “Some Android smartphone manufacturers pre-install Microsoft apps in a way that makes it easier for me”, said Bill Gates. With hindsight, we also specify that there was a good chance of seeing the billionaire with a Samsung smartphone in his hands. In effect, the South Korean manufacturer and Microsoft are long-time partners and it is not uncommon to find applications from the computer giant on Samsung smartphones.

Why does Bill Gates prefer the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Bill Gates entrusts today have “tried several” smartphones and that the size of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen brings a plus. “With this screen, I can make do with a good laptop and the phone, and nothing else”, he says. The main surprise is therefore to see that (even) Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be attracted to Microsoft’s smartphones. Long in difficulty in this market, the computer giant is trying to return to this segment with dual-screen models. After a disappointing first model, the firm has rectified the situation with the Surface Duo 2 without however managing to double the competition. Even its two promising screens were not enough to convince Bill Gates.

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