Champions League winnings: PSG and OM will already hit the jackpot!


Champions League winnings: PSG and OM will already hit the jackpot!
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Road to Istanbul. Since last night, we know the identity of the clubs qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League. There are therefore 16 of them still in the race to lift the big-eared cup on June 10, 2023 at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Second in Group H behind Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain has a good chance of falling on one hell of a piece. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Manchester City are to be avoided. For its part, Olympique de Marseille, the second French representative in C1 this season, will not see Europe in 2023. The Phocaeans are eliminated from all European competitions.

PSG and OM pocketed big checks

Despite everything, the residents of the Orange Vélodrome, like the Parisians for that matter, will receive a nice check from UEFA following their participation. For this 2022-23 edition of the Champions League, the governing body of European football has as always divided these bonuses into four revenue items. First of all, there is the participation bonus, which this year was set at €15.64 million per club. Then, UEFA set up bonuses linked to performance (2.8 M€ for a win, 0.93 M€ for a draw), at the UEFA coefficient for the last ten seasons (1 share = 1.137 M€) and country-specific television and marketing rights.

Thus, Paris Saint-Germain has already won around €67.86 million (excluding the market pool). This is more than last year, when the Ile-de-France residents had already recovered €64.25 million. In detail, the capital club pocketed the participation bonus of €15.64 million this season as well as €11.2 million (4 wins) and €1.86 million (2 draws) linked to the results. To this must be added €29.56 million (UEFA coefficient) as well as €9.6 million following qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Quite a bonanza, then. For its part, OM will receive around €25.78 million.

The jackpot for the winner of the C1

If we dissect this amount, the Phocaeans pocketed €15.64 million for their participation, €5.6 million for their 2 victories and €4.54 million linked to the UEFA coefficient. Something to console them after elimination. Marseille and especially Paris will therefore earn millions. But other European teams will hit the jackpot. This year, Bayern Munich is the big winner in terms of earnings after the group stages. Indeed, the Germans have already won €74.28 million. In addition to the participation bonus, they received €16.8 million thanks to their 6 successes (the only ones in Europe), €35.24 million thanks to the UEFA coefficient and finally €9.6 million thanks to qualification for the round of 16. .

On the first step of the podium in Europe, Bayern Munich is ahead of Real Madrid (73.75 M€) and Chelsea (69.2 M€). Paris Saint-Germain comes just behind (€67.86 million). All these teams and the others that are still in the running will still be able to win millions. Indeed, a qualification in the quarter-finals of the C1 will bring in 10.6 M€. In the semi-finals, €12.5m will go to club coffers. The final will bring in €15.5 million with a bonus of €4.5 million for the big winner. The latter will therefore be able to add a total of €43.1 million to the amount already received after the group stage. All this without taking into account revenue related to TV rights, merchandising and ticketing. Something to fill your pockets with again!

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