Charlotte Valandrey: Her farewell to her daughter, a few hours before leaving us revealed


Charlotte Valandrey: Her farewell to her daughter, a few hours before leaving us revealed
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In the last years of her life, Charlotte experienced motherhood. Tara Lecaisne is a beautiful young woman who made her mother happy. A few hours after the announcement of the disappearance of the actress, the words of the latter intended for her only child had been shared on social networks.

Disappearance of a cinema icon

The sad news fell on the eve of the French national holiday. Charlotte Valandrey died on Wednesday July 13, 2022, at just 53 years old. During her lifetime, she appeared in many fictions and left her mark on the world of the seventh art.

A month before her disappearance, on June 14, 2022, Charlotte Valandrey underwent a third heart transplant. Unfortunately, the graft would not have taken. Consequently, the actress had been placed in an artificial coma for several weeks, as revealed by AFP. She was immersed in it in order to escape “pain and complications”, according to those close to her.

Charlotte Valandrey only woke up from her coma a few days before she disappeared. Weakened, she expressed her fatigue to her family, as well as her desire to join her mother, Anne-Marie, who left to join the stars before her. A last wish which has obviously been granted since this Wednesday, the actress closed her eyes forever.

“She fell asleep shaking hands with her father Jean-Pierre, her daughter Tara and her sister Aude,” her relatives said.

She leaves behind an only daughter

Continuing, relatives of Charlotte Valandrey said that the funeral of the deceased will be held in an intimate setting. The famous actress will be buried in Pléneuf-Val André, in the commune of Côtes-d’Armor. It is this place that “inspired his artist name”.

By disappearing forever, the actress who was a victim of HIV AIDS left behind an only daughter. The latter responds to the name of Tara. She was able to see the light of day following the relationship of the actress with Arthur Lecaisne.

21-year-old Tara has yet to respond publicly to the news of her mother’s death until now. Although, a small message intended for her dear and tender daughter ended up on Charlotte Valandrey’s Instagram account a few hours after the news of her death. This is a poem that the actress had written to bid farewell to the beautiful Tara.

A moving message

In this poem intended for her daughter, Charlotte Valandrey had affirmed that she would always be at Tara’s side, even if she is no longer in this world.

“I’ll be in a laugh, in a field, never far away,” she said.

She also told her only child that she can call him any time of the day. Whether “in the night, in the rain or in bright sunshine”, Tara can always count on her late mother.

“I don’t sleep, I watch. Love as I love you my angel, my paradise,” the actress wrote in the poem.

Even if we do not yet know when Charlotte had written this very moving message for her daughter, Internet users have not failed to react to this publication. In the comments of the actress’s latest post, many expressed their support for Charlotte’s daughter.

“Courage Tara, your mom is surely protecting you up there”, “Eternal Charlotte”, “Courage to you Tara, your mom was a beautiful person”, can we read.

Encouragement that surely touched the young woman, who now has to continue to live without her mother. Moreover, by leaving forever, Charlotte Valandrey also leaves a great void in the world of French cinema.

Remember that the late had played in many fictions during his lifetime, like “Rouge Baiser”. She also published a book in 2005, titled “Love Is in the Blood,” in which she revealed to be HIV-positive. The book was a great success and was notably adapted into a TV movie.

Our deepest condolences to his family and all his loved ones.

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