Clermont: a week in the middle of a volcano before receiving Perpignan


Clermont: a week in the middle of a volcano before receiving Perpignan
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TOP 14 – Before receiving Perpignan this Saturday, Clermont is experiencing a tense and unprecedented week for fifteen years. After the earthquake caused by the defeat against Toulouse (13-32), where the Auvergnats “were not invited”, Xavier Sadourny left office this week. In this boiling context, marked by 11th place in the ASM, Jono Gibbes must wake up the volcano.

The volcanic earth shook. This Sunday, the 18,000 Clermont supporters left the Marcel-Michelin stadium between mockery, whistles and indifference. After a performance far from the standards of the start of the season, the ASM logically bowed (13-32) against a Stade Toulouse far too comfortable on the offensive phases… all after an unlosable meeting in Brive and the official departure of Damian Penaud from Bordeaux-Bègles.

For the first time this season, Sébastien Bézy even agreed that the Montferrandais were “very far from sixth place and a little closer to thirteenth place”. After the second defeat conceded at home this season, Jono Gibbes had also given himself “a twenty-four-hour analysis objective”.

A sentence he repeated three times, confirming verbally that ASM was indeed in crisis and that the first glimmers of 2023 were going to be decisive for the future of the club. Several meetings took place this Monday between the walls of the Michelin, one of them recording the departure of Xavier Sadourny, the coach of the Auvergne attack.

Sadourny’s departure raises questions

This Tuesday, the ASM therefore communicated the departure of the one who had been in the Auvergne staff since 2013. The former opener notably expressed a feeling “wear and more difficult messages to convey to players”. The one who knew Vern Cotter and Franck Azéma, was part of the oldest furniture in the Clermont house. His third adventure alongside Jono Gibbes also posed some questions to Xavier Sadourny, as to the composition of the New Zealander’s staff.

“Thinking about it, and that’s what I told him, when he came back two years ago, he probably should have started with his staff. Somehow, I represented the old staff. ” explained in particular the coach of the attack of Clermont, in The Mountain. But after the departure of Sadourny, the Auvergne club explained that no arrival was planned and that a solution would be found by Jono Gibbes. The Clermont manager could also announce the new coach of the Auvergne attack, this Thursday. A choice that will have to pay off for both the club and the New Zealander.

Gibbes waiting around the bend

Since the victory over Perpignan last October, ASM has the worst record in the Top 14 with one draw, one win and six defeats. If the victories against Montpellier and the Stormers (Champions Cup) restored the hearts of the supporters, the defeat in Brive was probably not digested. Needless to say that the next reception of the USAP is crucial for the rest of the Clermont season, even that of Jono Gibbes.

But the Clermont manager could review certain important elements returning to his squad with Moala, Tixeront and Fischer. The Tongan center is operational while the two flankers are expected.

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