Covid and vaccines: the testimony of a suspended Lot-et-Garonne pharmacy student


Covid and vaccines: the testimony of a suspended Lot-et-Garonne pharmacy student
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Florian is from Lot-et-Garonne. He can no longer go to the end of his desire. Student in 5th year of pharmacy, he was suspended twice, by the hospital supporting his internship and his university. Open letter.

A 5th year pharmacy student and graduate pharmacy preparer since 2017, Florian was suspended on September 15 because he was not vaccinated. The decision comes from the management of the hospital center where he had to do a compulsory internship for the continuation of his studies.
A few months later, he says, “it was the university that suspended me from theoretical and practical classes. Years of work, time, energy and money have therefore been swept away by a single law. I can no longer learn or practice my profession and for me it is neither more nor less than a punishment for not having obeyed. »
From a psychological point of view, he continues, “it’s complicated, I no longer have a taste for life, I no longer have any attraction for the future because it has become uncertain. My projects find themselves put aside, without much hope of realizing them. » Florian says he is angry « frustrated by so much injustice. »

His reasons

This Lot-et-Garonnais did not accept vaccination as recommended by the health authorities. He explains the reasons. “The first, vaccination does not protect against the transmission of the virus. Indeed, even vaccinated nursing staff can be positive and therefore sick. The glaring lack of personnel to bring the health establishments called in reinforcements from the same sick personnel. For Florian, “this paradox therefore shows us that the health interest of such a measure therefore appears to be totally unfounded and counterproductive. »
His second reason is personal. When I was 13, “I fell seriously ill and a long year of heavy treatment had to be put in place. Following the many short and long term side effects, I quickly realized the preciousness of my body. It was the disease that made me want to do these studies, but it was also partly what put an end to it, because it was clear that nothing would be administered to me without my benefiting from it and until I’m sure it’s safe. »
He also doubts the reliability of the health authorities: the High Authority for Health, the National Medicines Safety Agency, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “My confidence in the health authorities has been shaken a bit in recent years. Even if I do not doubt their public and health utility in many areas, I was able to find out during my studies about the various health scandals involving, among other things, these agencies
. Indeed, I doubt their ability to correctly and independently manage the follow-up of adverse drug reactions and to make decisions adapted to the context. A concrete example concerning the Mediator®, a scandal for which it took about 30 years and multiple reports from prestigious journals and healthcare personnel to lead to a

Reaction of the responsible French authorities to protect the health of our fellow citizens. How long will it take, regarding the Covid vaccination, before the authorities decide to apply a precautionary principle, particularly with regard to young people and children?

Florian mentions the products, Médiator®, Opiates in the United States, Vioxx®.

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