Diablo 3: the game celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new feature!

Diablo 3: the game celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new feature!
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news tip Diablo 3: the game celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new feature!

It was ten years ago now: Diablo III finally arrived on our screens, twelve years after its predecessor. If the oldest players of Blizzard’s hack’n’slash certainly still remember its chaotic launch day, it has since changed a lot and is celebrating its tenth anniversary by adding a new feature to the game!

“Error 37”. Just reading these words could bring back the darkest memories for Diablo III players. After a wait of twelve years, the sequel to the mythical hack’n’slash of Blizzard finally opened its doors, but the enthusiasm it had generated had caused such an overload of the servers that most players could not even manage to launch the game. a single-player game, without the need to connect to the internet to play. Fortunately, the servers have been improved, and the new Nephalems have been able to slaughter demons at will. Today, the game has changed a lot. You still have to log in even to play solo, but the rest has little to do with what it was when it was released. More Real Money Auction House, New Expansion, Arrival of Bounties and Rifts, Seasons, the game has been renewed a good number of times during its 10 years of existence, and it intends to add a few new things on the occasion of its anniversary.


  • A constant nightmare
  • Twice the loot, twice the fun

A constant nightmare

By discovering season 26, still in progress on the game, the Nephalems were able to discover a new feature: the Resounding Nightmare. Entering this optional level, players must survive as long as possible against increasingly strong waves of enemies, without getting overwhelmed. The game ends when your hero dies or when too many enemies appear on the screen. To access it, you will first need to obtain a Petrified Cry by overcoming Upper Rifts, then insert it into Kanai’s Cube. Like the level of goblins or cows, only one petrified Cry will be necessary for your whole group if you plan to face this level with several people. Of course, for those who manage to resist as long as possible, a slew of loot and experience will be the key. Legendary objects, blood crystals, gems and even a new legendary gem will be waiting for you at the end of this challenge.

This new seasonal optional level has been so well received by the Diablo III community that the developers have decided to make it permanent for the tenth anniversary of the game! Thus, even non-seasonal players will be able to enjoy it as they wish by diving into an arena full of ever-increasing monsters.

Twice the loot, twice the fun

Diablo 3: the game celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new feature!

Originally planned as a weekend-only event, Blizzard has finally announced that Diablo III players who choose to create a character for Season 26 will be able to enjoy double rewards for completing Adventure Mode bounties! As a reminder, in this game mode, you can complete five bounties per act and thus unlock a horadric cache containing many items, including items exclusive to each act. Until the end of the season, you will therefore be able to win not one, but two Horadric caches each time you complete the bounties of each act! Enough to find the famous ring of royal grandeur twice as quickly, for example.

Whether you prefer to face Resounding Nightmares or farm Horadric Caches in search of exclusive loot, there is no doubt that you will manage to take advantage of this event. So we wish a very happy birthday to Diablo III and to all of its players, whether they experienced the terrible error 37 or not!

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