Diablo Immortal banned in two European countries!

Diablo Immortal banned in two European countries!
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Game News Diablo Immortal banned in two European countries!

Diablo Immortal is eagerly awaited by many fans around the world. Unfortunately, players from two European countries will not be able to enjoy it…

Diablo Immortal is coming out in just a few days, and we just learned that two important markets in Europe will not have not entitled to the new game from Blizzard and NetEase.

Diablo Immortal banned in the Netherlands and Belgium

Planned for mobile and PC, Diablo Immortal, is expected everywhere in a few days. However, we have just learned that two countries will be deprived of it. As you can imagine, as has already been the case for several games, it is in Belgium and the Netherlands that the game will not be able to be released, because of loot boxes. If the loot-box system is a bit different many other games, in Diablo Immortal it will actually be about keys to buy. Thanks to Diablo Immortal’s premium currency, Platinum, you can indeed buy keys to open special chests in a vault… “hidden” in-game loot boxes so, and not in an external menu, but lootboxes anyway. We learned about it via a message relayed on Redditand published by Blizzard Support.

Diablo Immortal banned in two European countries!

This is Gamemaster Gronnfindel, hope you’ve had a good day so far.

Unfortunately, players in the Netherlands and Belgium will not be able to install Diablo: Immortal due to gambling restrictions in those countries. The game’s lootboxes are against the law of your country, so unless the game restrictions change, the game will not be released in the Netherlands and Belgium. It would be illegal for you to download the game in another country like France.

If you manage to run the game, I can’t guarantee that you won’t get banned for it. What I can say is that in similar situations in the past where RNG lootboxes were against the law in certain countries, we haven’t banned any players for it, but I can’t guarantee you won’t will not be banned.

If you’re able to play the game on both PC and mobile as long as you’re using the same account on both, cross-save should still work as expected.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, hope you’re having a good day anyway!


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Lost Ark, Animal Crossing, FIFA … these games banned from our Belgian neighbors

The players Belgians and Dutch have already been deprived of several games, since the introduction of these anti-lootbox laws. We obviously think of Lost Arkvery recently but it is not the only one. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes on mobiles, for example, have also been banned. We also remember the battles between Electronic Arts and Belgium over FIFA Ultimate Team.

Diablo Immortal banned in two European countries!

Diablo Immortal is due out on PC, iOS, and Android on June 2, everywhere except Belgium and the Netherlands.

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