Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) the heart has been broken, she loses the love of her life.


Diane Leyre (Miss France 2022) the heart has been broken, she loses the love of her life.
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It is a very upset Diane Leyre who spoke on RFM. Miss France 2022 recounted the day she was heartbroken after separating from the love of her life.

On the evening of her election, the one who succeeded Amandine Petit almost canceled her appearance on stage. The reason ? Her favorite lipstick, which she had forgotten in Paris. I had forgotten it the same morning and I started crying, I said to myself: I would not go on stage without lipstick, entrusted Diane Leyre to the magazine People Act Magazine. But the pretty brunette was able to muster her courage in both hands and put her superstitions aside to make her dream come true. A dream that has come true!

I had not decided to leave

Since the start of her coronation, Diane Leyre has been doing interviews. And this Saturday, December 18, the beautiful 24-year-old confided in Bernard Montiel on RFM. After being embarrassed by her supposed love affair with an actor from Profiling, the pretty brunette told a love story she experienced in Madrid. A long story of two years, which ended in the saddest of ways.

Her little heart was broken! When she was a student in Spain, Diane Leyre met an official lover with whom she lived for two years. Together, they adopted a small dog, a female shiba inu dwarf. I called her Ohana, which means family, in reference to Lilo and Stitch, my favorite cartoon, she said on RFM.

Diane Leyre Miss France 2022

Except that after two and a half years of relationship, Miss France 2022 and her companion have separated. Since she was a female, the master was a male, and it made sense for me to leave her, so it was with a broken heart that I left, twice, because I lost both a darling and a dog, said Diane Leyre.

The hardest part of this story? Parting with your little dog! I hadn’t decided to leave, and then it was my dog, I took care of it every day, for two years, and it was the love of my life, she added, again very disturbed by this separation.

Diane Leyre embarrassed by a question about her alleged relationship with an actor from the Profiling series

Diane Leyre, the new Miss France 2022, made it known from the start of her reign: she is a crush! This does not prevent him from having a soft spot for several actors, such as the Frenchman Pierre Niney or the American Patrick Dempsey.

We have to believe that the new protégé of Sylvie Tellier has a weakness for men who know how to play comedy, since an actor from Profiling claims to be her ex-companion!

This is Thomas Goldberg, who played the role of Lucas Rocher in the ninth season of the TF1 series. It was on Tik Tok, one of his favorite social networks, that he revealed the information.

My ex is Miss France! This sentence sounds incredible but I have to tell you. Diane Leyre, who was elected Miss France 2022 last night, we were close for a while. If she comes across this TikTok: Lots of love! Congratulation ! I’m very proud of you’ and from now on, if someone speaks badly to me or looks down on me, I’m going to tell them: Listen, my ex is Miss France, he said in a short video.

Diane Leyre

Bernard Montiel kitchen Diane Leyre

While she has started a media marathon since she inherited the crown, Diane Leyre obviously did not escape a question on the subject. On the RFM antenna, where she was invited on Saturday December 18, Bernard Montiel did not hesitate to ask her if the rumor was true. The question made her rather uncomfortable, and she refused to answer for good reason.

There are probably a lot of people who will go out like that said Diane Leyre, before clarifying her thoughts: There will probably be people who will say that they are my cousins ​​too. I won’t be able to tell you every time if it’s true or not, because I won’t have control over what is said. So I’m not even going to say whether it’s true or not. If I tell you it’s not true, for the others afterwards, if I don’t say it, they will say it’s true. It seems that the mystery will never be solved.

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