“Don’t give a damn about your depression”: the words of Youtubeur and coach Tibo InShape react on the networks


“Don’t give a damn about your depression”: the words of Youtubeur and coach Tibo InShape react on the networks
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Known for his videos in which he offers his subscribers coaching in bodybuilding or fitness, the Youtuber Tibo InShape has drawn the wrath of the Web, this Sunday, June 5. The reason ? His latest TikTok video, in which he makes comments that have scandalized Internet users.

A speech that does not pass. This Sunday, June 5, Tibo InShape, one of the most followed French Youtubers on social networks (4.8 million subscribers on Instagram and 8.6 million on Youtube), found himself at the heart of a controversy after posting a TikTok video. The 30-year-old young man has indeed embarked on an assembly on which he multiplies the exercises, illustrated by a voice-over, his own, which makes remarks which have scandalized the Web.

“Wake up f***ing sh*t. Nothing to do with your depression. None of your apologies. Nothing to do with your little broken heart. Nothing to do with your mental pressure. Nothing to do with your laziness. Nothing to do with your doubts. Stop being a bitch, being a person without any motivation. Stop wasting your life. Get up now right away,” he can be heard saying.

Over the hours, the name of Tibo InShape appeared in trends on Twitter, the majority of Internet users saying they were shocked by the words of the 30-year-old Youtuber. “Anxiety, depression, broken hearts, mental pressure, doubts, don’t choose each other and in no way make you, us, a shit or someone who wastes your life”, ” Someone will explain to Tibo in Shape that depression is a disease that cannot be cured just by doing push-ups?” some Internet users wrote.

Apology from Tibo InShape

Tibo InShape, who is used to motivating his community mainly with bodybuilding advice, wanted to clarify his remarks in a video posted on Twitter to end the controversy. “My goal was also to motivate people who are victims of depression. And unfortunately not everyone understood it like that […] I want to apologize for the people who misinterpreted my TikTok. If I am on Earth it is to motivate people to play sports and take care of themselves,” he said.

This is not the first time that the Youtubeur has drawn the wrath of Internet users. A few months ago, when he received many malicious messages, Tibo InShape published a tweet that did not win unanimous support. “It’s still funny the gratuitous wickedness of people on Twitter. If only they saved their energy to be productive, they would be millionaires like me”.

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