Elden Ring, a crazy weapon that can inflict huge damage thanks to a bug!

Elden Ring, a crazy weapon that can inflict huge damage thanks to a bug!
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news tip Elden Ring, a crazy weapon that can inflict huge damage thanks to a bug!

Want a change on Elden Ring? We’re talking about the Grafted Dragon, a very interesting weapon thanks to a bug that allows it to do much more damage than usual. We explain how it works.

Being able to play Keanu Reeves or John Cena in Elden Ring is certainly fun, but we have nothing against a little action! While waiting for the official guide to arrive, which may contain secrets never before discovered, a new build is starting to appear in the game. Discovered by RageGamingVideos on Youtube, this one takes advantage of a glitch to do colossal damage. We will explain everything to you.

The Grafted Dragon

A weapon like any other

the grafted dragon is a weapon that you can get by killing Godrick the transplant, and exchanging his memory with from Enia to the table of grace.

At first sight, nothing is obvious when inspecting the grafted dragon. It is a “Claw” type weapon, which can only be wielded with one hand and which transforms your arm into a small dragon with several sharp fangs.

The same goes for his unique skill “Be witnesses!”. This allows you breathe a hint of life into the little dragon and launch it into the air to let it spit a breath of flame over a wide frontal area. It must be recognized that the skill is still quite effective, but nothing alarming. So what makes grafted dragon a weapon that can get you rolling on the game?

Elden Ring, a crazy weapon that can inflict huge damage thanks to a bug!

First, make sure you have the statistics to equip it, namely 20 strength, 14 dexterity and 16 faith.

Be aware that this is a glitch that makes this weapon very strong. Of course, you risk nothing at all by using it, but expect a possible patch that will probably solve this bug.

So, as we told you above, this weapon has a skill which, to sum up, allows you to make a kind of fire geyser. However, if you use another effect on your off-hand weapon, it will also apply when you use the off-hand skill. Which isn’t supposed to happen.

Let’s take an example. By equipping Grafted Dragon in the left hand, and a weapon in the right hand with an ash of war like holy bladewhich imbues your weapon with holy damage, if you use Be witnesses!, this one will do a lot of fire damage, but on top of that, the properties of the ashes of war from your left hand will mix with it and therefore inflict additional damage and status. Which makes the weapon very, very strong. Basically, you’ll actually have a copy of your right hand’s buff on your left hand that will apply as well.

And there are lots of possibilities. Especially with Seppuku to do additional bleed damage, etc. The glitch has only just been found, so there are still a lot of untested possibilities. But one of them is already completely crazy: By using Royal Knight’s Resolve, there or normally, this ash of war allows you to make your next blow very powerful… Here it will remain applied for 8 seconds! This will allow you to chain them and hurt a lot! You will just have to put the buff back every 8 seconds to have it permanently.

Elden Ring, a crazy weapon that can inflict huge damage thanks to a bug!

Another option is to apply Blade of Bloodfire, a spell found northwest of the Church of the Rose (Liurnia, Lakeland). This one imbues your right hand with a buff that does bleed damage in addition to boosting your fire damage…which is perfect for the Grafted Dragon.

We strongly advise you to test these 2 examples if you plan to use this weapon!

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