Elden Ring totally dominated 2022!


Elden Ring totally dominated 2022!
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Game News Elden Ring totally dominated 2022!

On the Daily menu this Wednesday, January 4, we’re going to talk about the Steam Awards 2022! Next, we look at the latest announcement from author George RR Martin, who is obviously back to work. Finally, head to the Consumer Electronics Show where Nvidia unveils its latest graphics cards. The Daily, let’s go!


  • Elden Ring crowned, again!
  • The author of Game of Thrones is overwhelmed
  • Nvidia unveils its new graphics cards!

Elden Ring crowned, again!

The Steam Awards winners have been revealed! To recall the context, users of the Steam platform were invited to reward different games according to the categories offered. Unlike the Game Awards, this meeting offers a slightly more offbeat selection. For example, the best game to take with you when you’re not home or the one you’re a total dud. The community is also responsible for designating the famous title of the year. Without surprise, we crown again the juggernaut of From Software: Elden Ring. The GOTY dominates and surpasses The Last of Us Part II, which until then held the record for the most awards. Among the winners we find Hitman 3 for the VR game of the year award or Stray’s little cat for the most innovative Gameplay!
You can find all of the 2022 winners on the Steam site.

The author of Game of Thrones is overwhelmed

George RR Martin hasn’t finished surprising us! Since the end of the series Game Of Thronesfans want to dig deeper into the history of the Iron Throne through new spin-offs. The author recently communicated via his blog that he intended to invest this year in writing the rest of his novels. Unlike its television adaptation, the plot of the books is not yet complete. The sixth part called The Winds of Winter has been in the works since 2011. Martin is versatile, he also wears the cap of executive producer on House of the Dragon. The filming of the second season is also scheduled for next spring. Regarding the other derivative projects in preparation, some are progressing faster than others! However, none have been validated yet. The writer mentions the problem caused by the merger between HBO Max and Discovery +, condemning the fate of certain programs including those from the Game of Thrones universe. Case to follow!

Nvidia unveils its new graphics cards!

For those who don’t know Nvidia, this is an American company specializing in the design of graphics processors. In particular, they produce parts for PCs and consoles, all intended for gamers. See you this week at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the tech show of the year! The Caméléon brand is therefore taking advantage of the event to unveil its latest graphics cards. Great news, the RTX 4080 12 GB is not dead after all. Canceled after its presentation last October, the manufacturer has just unveiled the RTX 4070 Ti which is claimed to be a copy of the product! Small gift of 2023, it will be marketed from January 5 at a price of 899 euros, or 200 euros less than the graphics card removed! Nvidia also revealed the rebranding of its premium offer of its video game streaming service, now called Ultimate. For more details where invites you to watch our chronicle! The Daily is over!

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