Electronic Arts: the publisher could be bought out

Electronic Arts: the publisher could be bought out
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Today in the Daily we talk about a possible Death Stranding 2, Electronic Arts wanting to be redeemed, and then we end with the Halo series which is far from satisfying everyone. The Daily, let’s go!

Hideo Kojima Responds to Death Stranding 2 Rumors!

death stranding is one of the most original games of recent years, but it is also a title that has greatly divided. For some players, it is a real video game nugget as we rarely see. For others, it’s just an Amazon delivery simulator. In an interview for the Leo Edith website, Norman Reedus (Sam Porter) dropped an info announcing a possible Death Stranding 2. The actor was asked about his motion capture for the first opus, and his answer was as unexpected as it was brief : “We just started the second one.” He concludes by explaining that his motion capture sessions lasted 2 or 3 years, and then the game finally came out and started winning a lot of prizes. He ends by pressing a second times on the next opus: “It was huge, so we started the second part.” Hideo Kojima, the creator of the game, was quick to respond to the rumors on Twitter. In reality, this response looks more like a humorous teaser than anything. We can see 3 photos in which the boss of Kojima Production seems to be punishing the actor for its leak, with a big pinch of humor that reminds us of The Walking Dead.For the moment, nothing official has been announced.

Electronic Arts could well be redeemed!

At the moment, buying studios is very fashionable. We had Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda, acquired by Microsoft for 8.1 billion dollars, Bungie, Nixxes, Firesprite Games, BluePoint Games and Haven Studios, acquired by PlayStation or the announcement of the huge acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft for $68.7 billion, a true industry record. Electronic Arts might be next on the list. It is the Puck site and supported by Kotaku which tells us that the publisher would seek to be redeemed in turn. Both outlets claim that EA and its CEO Andrew Wilson held several conversations with various potential buyers. In the lot, we find Disney, Apple or Amazon. However, a merger would be more attractive, as it would allow Andrew Wilson to retain his position as CEO. For Kotaku and Puck, it is clear that recent studio takeovers are creating imbalances between the various players in the industry. EA would therefore seek to quickly gain influence to hold on. Also remember that the publisher will soon lose many of its licenses such as Star Wars and FIFA, whose agreements end at the end of the year.

The Halo television series does not please the creator of the saga very much…

Halo is one of the most cult FPS licenses, to the point of having had the right to its own adaptation in a TV series, released recently. Canal + has been in charge of broadcasting since April 28. When we talk about adaptation in film or series, it is not uncommon for the production to take some scriptwriting liberties. For Marcus Lehto, one of the co-creators of the very first opus, this is the problem. He laments, in a tweet, not recognizing the universe he co-created. Despite this, the series garners a solid 70% on Rotten Tomatoes, but in terms of readers’ opinions it’s not the same lemonade since the rating plummets to 52%. Series or film video game adaptations have accelerated lately. Netflix is ​​preparing its own adaptation of Bioshockseries The Last of Us from HBO is filming and It Takes Twothe GOTY 2021, is going to have its own movie made by Amazon.

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