Emma Smet disgusted: her reaction after the discovery of “decomposing corpses”, the shock!


Emma Smet disgusted: her reaction after the discovery of “decomposing corpses”, the shock!
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If there is one thing that means a lot to Emma Smet after her family, and with which she does not joke, it is animal abuse!

This Thursday, August 25, Emma Smet and her mother, Estelle Lefébure reacted very strongly on Instagram. They denounced the horrors of a rabbit farm in Domalain, in Ille-et-Vilaine. This breeding also supplies the famous brand “Le Gaulois”

Emma Smet… Tomorrow belongs to her!

Emma Smet is an artist who deserves to be known. For several years, she distinguished herself in the hit saga Tomorrow belongs to us TF1. But clap of end for the one who interprets Sofia! In the episode of tomorrow belongs to usbroadcast on TF1 Wednesday July 20, 2022, Sofia and her companion, Romain, left to live in Spain.

The granddaughter of Johnny Hallyday, who flourishes today on the boards has indeed revealed that she was leaving series. Thus, she intends to focus on new projects. ” I shed my little tear. Thank you, I arrived in May 2019 in Sète with my fictional family that today I consider my second family. I made incredible encounters, friends for life, I laughed […]I cried […] I had doubts, I was happy, I was tired. », posted Emma Smet on Instagram.

I learned a lot, I grew up, so thank you for this adventure, for the emotions, the laughs that I will never forget I love you all. (…). Thanks to all the team DNA, but also to viewers who loved me, hated me. You have seen my character grow and evolve. Sofia Daunier, I’m going to miss you, now it’s time for you to go make salads in Spain! » she concluded. In comments, Emma Smet’s mother, Estelle Lefébure, wrote: “I’m so proud of you my dear! » His sister, Ilona Smet, added: “So proud of you, I love you! »

Abuse in a farm

On a daily basis, Emma Smet is very active on social networks. This Thursday, August 25, 2022, she expressed her disgust with a famous brand. It is a shocking publication by journalist and animal welfare activist, Hugo Clément, which she relayed in this Instagram story. Indeed, a fervent defender of the animal cause, Hugo Clément has brought to light a recent investigation by the L214 association which questioned the practices of a farm that provides the label. Gallic which would be far from ethical.

The L214 association is an association for the defense of animals used as food resources (meat, milk, eggs, fish). Since its beginnings in 2008, Emma Smet has made public more than 100 investigations revealing the conditions of breeding, transport and slaughter of animals. These videos make it possible to reveal the routine practices and dysfunctions of an industry that considers and treats animals as commodities.

“Yes, it’s good in partnership with ‘our committed breeders’. Nice marketing from @legaulois_officiel! », said Hugo Clement. ” Except that the L214 association went to investigate the breeding of the man pictured on the rabbit tray. And guess what? It is the horror. Sick or mutilated rabbits, crammed into tiny cages. Very high mortality rate. Decomposing corpses on the ground (…). In France, 99% of rabbits are raised in cages in intensive farms”. To illustrate his words, Hugo Clément published images that horrified thousands of Internet users. Starting with Emma Smet!

Hoping very much that the daughter of Estelle Lefebure and David Hallyday will make things happen, we are waiting for the rest!

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