Energy check: find out who is affected by the aid planned for November!


Energy check: find out who is affected by the aid planned for November!
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The energy check is paid each year to 5.8 million low-income households in order to help them pay their electricity and gas bills. That of 2022 was automatically sent by mail from March 30. Also, to cope with the exceptional rise in energy prices, 40% of the most modest households will benefit froman exceptional additional energy check by the end of the year.

As part of this exceptional aid, in order to support households using oil heating, a fuel energy check of 100 to 200 euros will be paid from 8 November. Thus, it completes the arsenal of government measures to help energy consumption for winter 2023.

Two exceptional helpers for energy bills

Faced with rising energy pricesthe Government took the decision to allocate two exceptional helpers to help households pay their energy bills.

Thus, 12 million households will receive an exceptional energy check.

If you are already beneficiaries of the energy check for 2022, you will receive another energy check for 200 euros. Households whose reference tax income per consumption unit (RFR/UC) is greater than or equal to 10,800 euros and less than 17,400 euros will receive an energy check of 100 euros. This exceptional energy voucher is sent automatically from the end of December, without any action on your part.

How is the fuel oil energy check paid?

Homes that are heated with domestic fuel oil they will receive an exceptional fuel oil operation energy check. Are you beneficiaries of the 2022 energy voucher? Did you use your last energy check with a domestic fuel oil seller? You will receive automatically an exceptional check nioul in the amount of 200 euro from November 2022.

For other oil-heated householdsan online application portal will be available from November 8 to allow you to apply, subject to eligibility, an energy check in the amount of 200 euros or 100 euros depending on your situation.

How does the state define the amount of this fuel aid?

230 million euros. This is the amount that was voted this summer in order to help the most modest households, heating with fuel oil. In order to help them pay their energy bills, this boost will take the form ofan energy check of 100 to 200 euros. 1.6 million households will receive from November.

The amount of the fuel energy check will depend on household income. It is the 2020 income that the State takes into account for the calculation. The amount of the check also depends on the number of people in the household.


  • 200 euros for a single person at minimum wage with at least one child.
  • 100 euros for a single person at minimum wage without children.
  • 100 euros for a single woman with 2 children, earning around 3,000 euros net/month.

A simulator will be put online soon on the site so that households can verify their eligibility.

In summary, 3 different checks

For the majority of homes, the fuel aid will come in addition from usual energy checksent each spring to approximately six million households and exceptional energy check end-of-year newsletter which will be sent to 40% of households (12 million). This will also be an amount of between 100 to 200 euros.

A household can therefore obtain in 2022, if it is eligible:

  • A usual energy check, which is paid out every year, in spring.
  • A fuel energy check from November, if it heats with fuel oil and is eligible for aid.
  • A exceptional energy check by the end of the year.

What is the energy check?

The energy check has existed since 2018. It is a nominative aid that goes to the most modest households to help them pay their bills of energy. This aid concerns both the bills of electricity (EDF, etc.) than those of gas, wood, oil, etc. It can also fund some energy renovation works. Moreover, to cope with soaring prices, the state has set up a new exceptional check. From an amount of 100 to 200 € it will be the subject of a payment to 40% of the most modest households by the end of the year. This measure comes in addition to the extension of the tariff shield in 2023.

5.8 million low-income French households receive it from 48 euros to 277 euros including tax to help them pay their electricity and gas bills.

The energy check, assistance with the payment of energy expenses, replaces social tariffs. These were abolished in 2018. This was the Basic Necessity Tariff (TPN), for electricity and the Special Solidarity Tariff (TSS), for natural gas.

This energy check allows you to perform the payment an energy bill for the accommodation (electricity, natural gas, gas in a tank, fuel oil, wood, etc.) or an APL approved housing charge.

Also, it can also be used for the payment of works of energy renovation of housing. Energy suppliers and distributors are obliged to accept it as a mode of settlement.

What bills can you pay with?

  • Your energy bill, with your supplier electricity, gas, heat, heating oil, or also other heating fuels (wood, etc.).
  • Your energy costs included in your fee. And this, if you are accommodated in a residential accommodation approved by the APL or in an EHPAD, an EHPA, an independent residence, an establishment or long-term care unit (ESLD, USLD).
  • Certain expenses related to renovation work energy of your home can also be settled with.

In accordance with article L. 124-1 of the energy code, the professionals concerned have the obligationn to accept the energy check. In case of refusal of the check by one of these professionals, you must report it to the following telephone number: 0 805 204 805.

Please note that a 2022 check will be valid until March 31, 2023.

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