Energy shield, minimum wage, cold calling, condoms, stamps… What changes on January 1, 2023


Energy shield, minimum wage, cold calling, condoms, stamps… What changes on January 1, 2023
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Many measures come into force at the beginning of the year. Le Figaro takes stock of the expected novelties.

Tariff shield, decent housing, canvassing, aid, male contraceptive… Many measures are planned for the beginning of the year. Le Figaro reviews the changes that await you for this month of January 2023.

The tariff shield renewed but reduced

The government will extend the duration of application of the tariff shield on energy. The measure first concerns gas and should limit price increases to 15%. This provision announced by the Prime Minister implies, according to the calculations of the executive:

  • an average increase in bills of around 25 euros per month for households using gas for heating. The increase would be around 200 euros per month without a tariff shield;
  • an average increase of around 20 euros per month for households heating with electricity, instead of 180 euros without a tariff shield.

Another rise in the minimum wage expected

Confirmed in December, a further increase in the minimum wage of 1.8% is expected in early January. It will bring the monthly minimum wage to 1353.07 euros net, when the gross will pass the bar of 1700 euros, to 1709.28 euros precisely. The hourly minimum wage will amount to 11.27 euros, an increase of 20 cents compared to its current level. Over one year, the massive increase will reach 6.6%.

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Doubling the rate for new PELs

From January 1, French people who open a new home savings plan (PEL) will be able to benefit from doubled remuneration, from 1% to 2%. This rate will only apply to these plans, not the old ones already opened before 2023, the executive said. This is the first increase in 22 years: the rate was falling and it had been set at 1% since 2016.

Fuel rebates replaced by a new check

As of January 1, the discounts at the pump granted by TotalEnergies and the State stop, inflating the bill for a liter of fuel. A new device, however, replaces these measures: ten million French people, the most modest, will be able to receive aid of 100 euros to compensate for price increases.

The people concerned are households in the first five deciles, subject to income, therefore. The bonus is granted for the following income:

Increase in the ecological bonus for low-income households

Announced by Emmanuel Macron at the Motor Show last October, the increase in the ecological bonus will benefit the most modest households. For the latter, this aid for the purchase of an electric vehicle will be increased from 6,000 to 7,000 euros. For the other half of households, on the contrary, the bonus will be reduced, from 6,000 to 5,000 euros.

New help for carpooling

The executive will also encourage carpooling, with a bonus of 100 euros for drivers engaging in this practice. This aid is part of the national plan to achievethree million journeys per day by 2027 compared to 900,000 currently“according to the site”“.

The payment of the premium is progressive. It may take the form of a monetary payment, or vouchers, depending on the choice of the carpooling platform:

  • a first payment of 25 euros made no later than 3 months after the first carpooling trip;
  • a second payment of 75 euros made no later than 3 months after the completion of the 10e carpool ride.

Please note that trips should not exceed 80 kilometres. They must be published and completed using an eligible rideshare operator.

The worst “thermal strainers” banned for hire

As of January 1, housing whose energy consumption exceeds 450 kWh/m²/year – i.e. those classified G on the Energy Performance Diagnosis, or DPE – will be prohibited from renting. 90,000 homes fall into this category, according to the government. Objective: to intensify the fight against thermal sieves.

Increase in the price of the monthly Navigo pass

In a context of inflation and the energy crisis, the price of the Navigo pass, which allows access to Ile-de-France transport, will increase by 12%, from 75.20 to 84.10 euros each month. In addition, the Week pass goes to 30 euros, and the prices of the Imagine R package will not change until the next school year, in September 2023.

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The increased telework allowance for civil servants

Civil servants will benefit from an increase in the teleworking allowance: it will increase, on January 1, from 220 euros to 253.44 euros per year. Or 2.88 euros per day of telework, instead of 2.5 euros so far.

Some homes without a Linky meter will have to pay 50 euros per year

From January, an increase of 8.48 euros every two months, i.e. 50.88 euros per year, will be applied for households not equipped with a Linky meter and who have not sent at least one statement of consumption index for one year. The measure taken by the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) concerns all energy suppliers.

Experimentation with a zero-interest loan for the purchase of a low-emission vehicle

A new experiment will be launched at the start of 2023: from January 1, a zero-rate loan will be offered for two years, with the aim of “finance the acquisition of cleaner vehicles“. Only people who canprovide proof of a place of residence or professional activity in an intermunicipal authority, part of whose territory is located in a low-emissions mobility zone(ZFE) or in a neighboring inter-municipality will be able to benefit from it.

The vehicles concerned are “cars and vans weighing less than 2.6 tonnes whose carbon dioxide emissions are less than or equal to 50 gCO2/km”. In addition, the loan will be capped at 30,000 euros for a purchase, and 10,000 euros for a rental.

Modification of the learning aid

If the executive does not intend to abandon apprenticeship, the amounts of the bonuses granted to companies hiring one of these young workers will be reviewed on January 1. Currently, two premiums exist: one, for minor apprentices, of 5,000 euros, and the other, for adults, of 8,000 euros. At the start of 2023, a single bonus of 6,000 euros will replace them, regardless of the age of the young person taken on an apprenticeship.

Free condoms for those under 26 from January 1, 2023

From January 1, pharmacies will be able to give free condoms to minors and people aged 18 to 25. They come on top of the measures already in place, such as free contraception for young women up to and including 25 years of age or general access to HIV serological testing in all medical biology laboratories without a prescription and with a plug. 100% charging.

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End of the red stamp at La Poste

Announced last July, the removal of La Poste’s famous red stamp will be effective on January 1st. The company, which is developing its offer, will in particular offer a “red e-letterin order to better meet the expectations of its customers and toprotect the environment more effectively“.

A new large family card at the SNCF

A new large family card will come into effect from January 2, 2023. The request will be made online, via this link. Beneficiaries can choose to receive it physically, or take advantage of a dematerialized card, available as soon as the file is validated. No worries for people whose card expires in December or January: they will remain valid until the end of the month.

End of disposable packaging in fast food chains

Plastic cups and cardboard burger wrappers are about to say goodbye. From January, players such as McDonald’s or Burger King will have to eliminate single-use tableware, a provision contained in the Agec law (anti-waste for a circular economy), adopted in February 2020. The various companies are preparing for this deadline, by deploying including reusable tableware.

Telephone canvassing: end of calls from numbers in 06 or 07

Telephone canvassing will be better regulated in 2023. Commercial canvassing platforms will no longer have the right to call from numbers starting with 06 or 07. They will have to use numbers starting with 09, according to the new national plan. numbering scheme launched by the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep).

What will follow in 2023…

It will now be possible to publish for free on the Official Journala name change from January 1, 2023. The cost of publishing an ad was previously set at 110 euros.

Removal of receipts is postponed to April 1, 2023. The measure planned to prohibit the systematic printing of receipts in favor of digital by sending digitized invoices. Bank receipts, promo tickets and vouchers will also be affected by this change.

The psychological support program for students will end from January 1, 2023. Open since March 2021, it allowed users in need of psychological support to benefit from 8 free sessions with an approved professional without advance payment.

Toll rates will increase, starting February 1. The increase, of 4.75%, remains lower than inflation, but it will represent an additional cost for motorists.

Disability compensation benefit will be open for people with an intellectual disability from 1 January 2023. It will allow those concerned to finance the support of a carer to accompany them in their daily tasks.

The national screening program for infants will be expanded from January 1, 2023. Seven rare diseases are added to the plan including homocystinuria, leucinosis, tyrosinemia type 1, isovaleric aciduria, glutaric aciduria type 1, 3 deficiency -hydroxyacyl-coenzyme A long chain fatty acid dehydrogenase and carnitine uptake deficiency. These tests will be added to the list of six rare diseases already examined by the program.


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