EuroMillions: 165 Belgians make a joint ticket and win the jackpot of 143 million euros


EuroMillions: 165 Belgians make a joint ticket and win the jackpot of 143 million euros
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This is the beautiful story of Christmas. A ringing and stumbling story: 165 inhabitants of Olmen and its surroundings, in the region of Antwerp, in Belgium, will share the jackpot of 143 million euros, won Tuesday evening at EuroMillions. Indeed, instead of the usual single winner, the lucky ones had decided to play together, via a kitty organized by the newspaper store of their municipality, and to bet on the same combination: 12, 20, 25, 26 and 27 , as well as the additional numbers, 8 and 12.

“They had paid 15 euros each and won together,” confirms Joke Vermoere, spokesperson for the Belgian national lottery. Once the hoard of 142,897,164 euros has been shared, everyone will leave with just under 900,000 euros. 165 winners… and only one official winning ticket. But no confusion: as the Belgian lottery explained to our colleagues from La Libre Belgique, everything was done according to the rules of the art by the organizer of the pot.

“Wim, the operator of the newspaper store, will come to our headquarters in Brussels, explains Joke Vermoere. He must then arrange payment through the banks of the various winners. Everything here was done very cleanly and correctly. »

“I sent them all an email with the good news”

The manager also explains that he is used to offering loyal customers the opportunity to participate in this kind of kitty, with a starting bet of 15 euros. But this is the first time the jackpot has hit. “I emailed them all with the good news. They pass now or call for confirmation and they are all happy. It’s very hectic here, but they are very grateful that it was able to work out,” he said, according to Belgian media VRT, describing the winners as “incredulous”, who had to “repeat five or six times ” the good news.

What will they do with their almost million euros (870,000 euros to be exact)? “I think most people who have children are going to help them more in these difficult times. Or go on vacation with them”, explained Wim, the tobacconist, describing the players as “very cool” people. ” I am very touched. I think I will make my children and grandchildren happy with this,” confirmed one of the winners to the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. He himself had been playing for… thirty years, without ever having had any luck!

No precedent in France

In France, a story of this magnitude does not exist, we believe we know at the Française des jeux. But winnings have already been shared: in 2019, on the occasion of the draw for 13 million euros organized on Friday, December 13, a family of ten people won the day!

Moreover, 143 million, yet a colossal sum corresponding to 9000 years of minimum wage, is not a EuroMillions record. Six years ago, a resident of Brussels won 168 million euros. And in July, the maximum jackpot of 230 million was won by a resident of the United Kingdom. The ceiling has since been set at 240 million euros.

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