Eurovision: favourites, bookmakers… Who can win in 2022?


EUROVISION 2022. The international singing competition takes place live from Turin this Saturday, May 14, 2022. Candidates, favorites, bookmakers, we summarize everything you need to know.

The essential

  • Eurovision is broadcast tonight, Saturday May 14, 2022. The European singing competition is broadcast live on France 2 from 9 p.m.
  • Who are the candidates of Eurovision 2022? We will find 25 countries on the stage of Turin on Saturday evening. Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Sweden qualified in the last semi-final. They join Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands, as well as members of the Big Five who have already qualified (France, Germany , Italy, Spain, United Kingdom), in the final.
  • Ukraine is the favorite for Eurovision 2022. According to the predictions of bookmakers, Ukraine has a good chance of being crowned winner this year thanks to the song “Stefania” by the group Kalesh Orchestra. Due to the invasion of the country, Russia was excluded from the competition this year.
  • Who are the candidates from France? The Alvan & Ahez group was chosen during the competition Eurovision France: you decide to represent France at Eurovision. These Breton singers will perform the song “Fullen” (“spark” or “young girl” in Breton) on the Turin stage. The bookmakers are not predicting a good ranking for France and our representatives. We would have less than a 1% chance of winning and we would finish in 16th place, according to predictions on the eve of the competition. Let’s wait to see if these bets are verified with the final ranking which will be known in a few hours.


07:43 – How to listen to Eurovision 2022 songs?

In total, Eurovision viewers will be able to discover 25 songs on the Turin stage tonight. If you haven’t watched the semi-finals, chances are you don’t know about them yet. Do you want to discover them? The official Youtube account of the event offers a playlist to discover all the candidate titles for the title. You can listen to all the titles in competition at Eurovision 2022 by clicking on this link.

07:29 – Who are the countries in the final of Eurovision 2022?

In total, twenty five countries find themselves in the final of Eurovision 2022 this Saturday evening. First the Big 5 countries, automatically qualified: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Then, the twenty countries qualified at the end of the semi-finals: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova and the Netherlands.

07:05 – Ukraine favorite of bookmakers

Before Eurovision, bookmakers take bets to guess which country would come out on top. Due to the current political context, bettors can easily imagine Ukraine winning the international singing competition by obtaining many points from other countries. This year, Ukraine is represented by the group of rappers Kalush Orchestra.

06:44 – Listen to “Fullen”, France’s song for Eurovision

Alvan & Ahez will defend France at Eurovision thanks to the title “Fullen”. In Breton, this word means both “spark” and “pretty girl”, the latter word possibly having the connotation of “light girl”. “We wanted to take this expression on the wrong foot and carry an emancipatory discourse for women. We sing the story of a young girl who goes dancing at nightfall around a bonfire, she takes everyone with her, pushing back the slanderous looks”, specifies Marine Lavigne, one of the three young women of the group, in an interview with AFP Listen below to the title that Alvan & Ahez will sing tonight on the Eurovision stage.

06:32 – Who are the French candidates for Eurovision?

On March 5, the program “Eurovision France: it’s you who decides” named the French candidate for Eurovision. The Breton group Alvan & Ahez was chosen as the tricolor flag bearer on this occasion. This group consists of Alvan, Marine, Stereen D. and Stereen. They met in 2021 and quickly formed their group, performing their texts during Breton parties.

06:14 – Where and when to watch Eurovision?

Eurovision takes place in Turin this Saturday, May 14, 2022. The event is broadcast live on France 2 from 9 p.m. So just go to the second channel, or stream on the site, to follow the evening live.

06:00 – Eurovision takes place tonight

It’s the big day: Eurovision is back for its 2022 edition. The final of the international singing competition is broadcast live from Turin this Saturday, May 14, 2022. The most loyal fans of the event have already been able to discover the candidates and their various performances during the semi-finals broadcast a few days earlier.

program sheet

Eurovision 2022 punctuates the beginning of May. The final takes place in Turin, this Saturday, May 14, 2022. In France, the event can be followed on France 2 from 9 p.m. Previously, two semi-finals made it possible to select twenty candidate countries for the final. They took place on Tuesday May 10, 2022 and Thursday May 12, 2022, a few days before knowing the winner of this 66th edition.

France is represented by the Breton group Alvan and Ahez at Eurovision 2022. There are four members of this formation: the female trio Ahez Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou and the musician Alexis Morvan-Rosius, known as Alvan. They were selected on March 5, during the program “Eurovision France: it’s you who decide”. The tricolor group performs on the Turin stage the song “Fulenn”, which means, in Breton, both “spark” and “pretty girl”. It has been since 1977 and the victory of Marie Myriam that France has not won Eurovision.

We do not yet know the ranking of Eurovision 2022. Last year, the Italian group Maneskin won the singing competition with 524 points, saved mainly by public votes. He was ahead of France and Barbara Pravi (2nd with 499 points) and Switzerland (3rd, 432 points) on the podium. The top of the ranking was completed by Iceland (378 points), Ukraine (364 points) and Finland (301 points). Below, find in detail the latest ranking of Eurovision.

  1. Italy (524 points)
  2. France (499 points)
  3. Switzerland (432 points)
  4. Iceland (378 points)
  5. Ukraine (364 points)
  6. Finland (301 points)
  7. Malta (255 points)
  8. Lithuania (220 points)
  9. Russia (204 points)
  10. Greece (170 points)
  11. Bulgaria (170 points)
  12. Portugal (153 points)
  13. Moldova (115 points)
  14. Sweden (109 points)
  15. Serbia (102 points)
  16. Cyprus (94 points)
  17. Israel (93 points)
  18. Norway (75 points)
  19. Belgium (74 points)
  20. Azerbaijan (65 points)
  21. Albania (57 points)
  22. San Marino (50 points)
  23. The Netherlands (11 points)
  24. Spain (6 points)
  25. Germany (3 points)
  26. the United Kingdom (0 points)

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