Exceptional bonus of 3000 euros: the French concerned


Exceptional bonus of 3000 euros: the French concerned
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By Jason Mathurin

– Published on Jan 23, 2023 at 6:30 PM

Aid is more than welcome in these times of economic crisis… Among these, there is an exceptional bonus of 3000 euros.

The finances of the French are dwindling… Indeed, the economic crisis has undermined the taxpayer’s wallet. To make up for this shortfall, many people take advantage of state aid. A nest egg that comes at just the right time, especially at this difficult start to the year 2023. In addition to the CAF aid intended for social minima, certain bonuses allow you to recover your financial health. Like this exceptional bonus, which concerns many workers throughout France. Mostly those who are paid the SMIC, or a little beyond. An upward revaluation of the activity bonus is even possible. The exceptional super bonus, therefore, concerns employees on fixed-term, permanent or part-time contracts. But also students on an apprenticeship contract. However, you must be in contract at the time of the premium payment date. It depends on your employer…

Aid of 3,000 to 6,000 euros paid by your employer

Employers have every interest in paying you an exceptional bonus. It’s give and take: by offering it to you, they can enjoy non-taxable compensation. Suffice to say that if you benefit from it, it will benefit both parties. The sharing bonus, which is not subject to any obligation, therefore depends above all on the employer. Especially since this amount is taxable… It is clear that this premium can range from 3000 to 6000 euros. Of course, certain conditions must be met. As the fact of receive less than 20,147 euros per year. The company must also fulfill certain conditions. It will be a question, for example, for the companies of more than 50 employees to set up a device of profit-sharing or participation. And a system based on volunteering for companies with fewer than 50 employees.

A bonus that benefits both employers and employees

Who can benefit from the value sharing bonus?

The value-sharing bonus benefits employees whose the remuneration is less than 3 SMIC. The employers concerned by the value-sharing bonus are: employers governed by private law, public establishments of an industrial and commercial nature, and public administrative establishments. It is still necessary that the latter employ personnel under private law. The amount of this premium will depend on several variables. This, starting with remuneration, seniority in the company, the level of qualification and the duration of effective presence during the year. Or failing that, the working time provided for in the employment contract determined for the calculation of the coefficient of the general reduction. This value-sharing bonus, or Macron bonus, replaces the old exceptional purchasing power bonus. In addition to this very advantageous aid, low-income employees can benefit from a 4% increase in the activity bonus.

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