FIA announces sanction against Red Bull for exceeding 2021 budget


FIA announces sanction against Red Bull for exceeding 2021 budget
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Strong measures had to be taken in the interest of the cap budget and its credibility in the future, and the FIA ​​did it. For having exceeded the 2021 budget cap, Red Bull has indeed been sanctioned by the cap budget commission, both financially and sportingly. The Austrian team, which broke the cap for 1.8 million pounds sterling last year, was fined 7 million dollars. The competitors of the Milton Keynes-based team were mainly demanding a sporting sanction, believing that these almost two million dollars in excess benefited the can giant from a sporting point of view. So they won their case.

As the infraction was a minor violation of the Financial Regulations (exceeding the budget cap by less than 5%), there was no disqualification from the 2021 championship or loss of points which could have cost Max Verstappen his first title of world champion. Instead, a more measured sanction but which should handicap Red Bull for next year with a reduction of around 10% of its 2023 wind tunnel time coefficient (quota).

As a reminder, as Manufacturers’ champion, Red Bull was supposed to be entitled to 70% of the reference value of the total wind tunnel time provided for by the Regulations (Article 6 of Appendix 7 of the 2022 Sporting Regulations). By subtracting this 10% penalty, the team based in Milton Keynes will therefore only be entitled to 63% of the reference value, both in terms of tunnel utilization and CFD (fluid dynamics). By way of comparison, the second in the championship will have the possibility of using the wind tunnel up to 75% of the reference value previously enacted, 80% for the 3rd, up to 115% for the last in the championship.

Until then, Christian Horner had always claimed Red Bull’s innocence regarding the cap budget. © DPPI

As a reminder, the FIA ​​had formalized after the Japanese Grand Prix the overrun by Red Bull of the 2021 budget ceiling ($145 million, Editor’s note), specifying that it was however a minor violation of the financial regulations (overrun of less than 5%), without however announcing any specific sanction against the world champion team in 2021.

In the process, the can giant had responded with a short press release, ensuring that it was in the nails of financial fair play, while specifying to keep “all options open” depending on what the FIA ​​decides. Meanwhile, Zak Brown, the boss of McLaren, had spoken in a letter sent to the FIA, demanding financial but above all sporting sanctions for the credibility of Formula 1.

Red Bull accepted the ABA

Last week, in Austin, we learned that the FIA ​​had proposed an ABA (accepted breach agreement, which could be translated as an infringement agreement) to Red Bull, being one of the options available to the legislator in the event of a minor infringement such as that of which the team is guilty Austrian. This modus operandi forced the team in question to admit its guilt vis-à-vis the instance, to accept the sanction (generally less severe than in the case of presentation before a jury) and not to appeal.

Red Bull therefore accepted the ABA and officially admitted that it had been guilty of exceeding the budget ceiling, after having publicly denied it for a fortnight. She accepted the sanction proposed by the FIA. Under the ABA, Red Bull will therefore not be able to appeal legally. However, an official communication from the Austrian team is expected in the next few minutes since an exceptional press conference on the subject will take place this Friday at 6:30 p.m. French time.

In Austin, Christian Horner had promised that he would take the floor to explain the ins and outs of the case once the discussion process with the FIA ​​was completed. The report of the press conference will obviously be available this Friday evening on AUTOweekly.Fr.

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