FIFA 23 walkthrough and list of active DCEs on FUT – Guides, Tips – Gamosaurus


FIFA 23 walkthrough and list of active DCEs on FUT – Guides, Tips – Gamosaurus
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Here is the solution list of all active (live) Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) for FIFA 23 FUT mode. By clicking on the links, you will find our cheapest solutions to complete these SBCs. For more information on the ELD system and why it is important to do so, please see the later chapters of this guide (below the list).

Update : Updated from Friday, September 30 at 2:00 p.m.

List of Active FUT DCEs on FIFA 23

OTW Event


Regular DCEs (weekly/monthly)

You will soon find here the DCE Big Posters, UEFA Posters as well as the team creation challenges around the POTM cards, Players of the month.


Permanent DCEs (no end date)

These permanent DCEs begin the day the FIFA 23 FUT App releases and will be available throughout the life of the game. However, it is recommended that you complete them early in the season, as these are usually a good source. Credits and FUT Pack.

Country Hybrid DCE Solutions


DCE Hybrid Leagues Solutions


DCE Hybrid Solutions Leagues and Countries


The solution to DCE Hybrid Leagues and Countries Expertise.


The solution to the DCE Hybrid Leagues and Diabolical Country.


How do ELDs work?

Squad Building Challenges appear almost daily at 7 p.m. in the FUT mode of FIFA 23. These are usually linked to weekly (Big Posters), monthly (Player of the Month for each league) or even annual (OTW, TOTS, Headings).

The idea is to have to create a FUT team that meets the criteria imposed by EA (overall team rating, collective) according to a specific theme (players from the same league, from a specific club) in order to win a special card or packs. Be careful because you lose the cards wager to achieve this Challenge and thus obtain the reward.

However, the goal is to achieve this training by spending as few credits as possible to make your DCE profitable and thus earn credits on the packs or obtain the cards at the best price. Thus, our DCE solutions seek to be as inexpensive as possible throughout the year.

Earning credits with DCEs

Although initially the purpose of DCE is rather to spend credits to obtain special cards, it is still possible to earn credits by making DCE. Indeed, some challenges are inexpensive and allow you to win Packs, sometimes containing excellent cards that will sell for more than the initial cost of the DCE.

You can also check out our investment advice article for FUT mode, updated weekly with recommendations for investing.

The most profitable DCEs:

  • DCE linked to specific events, such as OTW, Black Friday or Headliners
  • Big Posters (weekly challenge) are usually very profitable

Do not hesitate to regularly consult our list of solutions for active DCEs for FIFA 23 FUT mode. This will be updated daily with the arrival of new Squad Building Challenges. Also find all the news of the game as well as our advice and guides on our FIFA portal.

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