Fifth. The Charley Mills Prize in Vincennes this Friday, October 7, 2022.


Direction Vincennes this Friday, October 7, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Charley Mills will have to face each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2700 meters, and endowed with 75,000€.

In this event, Giant Chief (12) returns to competition after a long absence. Author of an excellent 2021 season, with five successes and numerous runners-up, he notably came between Ampia Mede Sm and Hussard du Landret, a year ago on this course. Friday, he will be barefoot and his trainer has called on Franck Nivard. Banning it for a place would be risky.

Geny’s secrets

Jarmo Niskanen: Cyrano de B. (1) still ran well at La Capelle, even if he relaxed a little at the end. He’s not used to sprinting such long straights. He has rarely disappointed since his arrival in France. He has taken gains and now discovers more complicated tasks, but he keeps his say, even if he is the least rich.

Stine Obstfelder: Rocky Tilly (2) ran well at Vincennes. He didn’t benefit from a very good running of the race but he still finished quickly. He is still in good shape, but the field is better composed this time. That said, it is still capable of grabbing a small place at this level. He will then go to Salon-de-Provence, where he will benefit from a tailor-made commitment.

Pascal Castel: Guide Moi Forgan (3) made a good comeback in Cabourg. Recently, in the GNT of Meslay, he ran very well in a well-run race. I hadn’t necessarily planned to return to the capital so soon, but he has no other commitments in the provinces in the immediate future. He’s going to need that race again. We are going to do “little arms”.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Falco Berry (4) showed good behavior in the mounted trot on September 22. Here, it will evolve rail. Of course, it gets a lot more complicated. In this configuration, he has no chance. He’s going to make another run. He will have better to run a little later.

Jean-Marie Monclin: Fawley Buissonay (5) ran well last time, on the grass of Segré, near our home. He didn’t leave too much, then found himself too far away. He only did the straight line, but in a good way. He is better than his last results. He is fine and his feet are in good condition. He is going to run the rope. Without being offensive, he can finish in the top five.

Cyrille Buhigné: Ezalyo Smart (6) experienced new leg problems last winter. We preferred to stop it for a long time. He spent several weeks at sea before returning to the stable. He has work behind him and practiced very well last Friday at Vincennes. For this return after almost ten months of absence, he will ask to breathe. It is better to discard it.

Emmanuel Varin: Fée de Ranchval (7) performed very well but was “walled alive” last time, finishing in eighth place, while leaving many regrets. She would have been safe second or third, if it had gone well. You have to take it back for a place.

Hughes Levesque: Gamay de l’Iton (8) has not been in the best condition lately. Lastly, it ran well at Craon where we weren’t too bad. After leaving him a little quiet, he looked good and concerned. I hope he will run in progress. If he returned at the end of the combination of the fifth, that would be good.

Hervé Sionneau: Deus Ex Machina (9) has just completed two encouraging warm-up races, after being arrested in the spring. Lately, I liked it even if it could not be highlighted. It still needs competition but I expect progress. That said, it still seems a little too “fair” to me to finish in the top five.

Christoffer Eriksson: Ingo (10) repeats all his runs. He’s had a good run on the inside lately, but lost time on the final turn as the race was played out there. He recovered well to finish on the podium. Since then, he is fresh and in very good shape, probably even a little more energetic. He must fight for the first places.

Emmanuel Varin: Fine Perle of Love (11) won well last time, where Matthieu Abrivard led her with great confidence. The mare did not let him down. She has done well since. This is the logical continuation of his program. That said, there are Europeans that should certainly not be overlooked. She can go ahead like waiting. I hope she will repeat.

Dominik Locqueneux: Dona Viva (13) has come a long way to find worthwhile commitments lately. I didn’t necessarily find it at its best during its last outings. She also, no doubt, needed to run. I waited to feel it better before presenting it. It has proven itself over 2,700 meters. She is capable of contesting the finish.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Belker (14) remains difficult to grasp and does not always repeat what he is capable of doing. Lately he was on the hook. Here, the engagement is perfect. I prepared it for this. It gives me complete satisfaction in the morning during training. He needs the right race, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him fighting for the very first places.

A summary: 10-2-11-1-12-14-5-8 The summary of the press: 1 – 10 – 11 – 7 – 14 – 2 – 8 – 4

Europe1: 10-14-1-11-2-7-12-9
The Parisian: 11-10-14-1-7-5-12-2
Alsace: 11-12-10-14-1-13-5-2
Paris Turf: 11-14-1-10-12-7-8-5


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