Fifth. The Grand National du Trot in Nantes this Wednesday, November 9, 2022.


The Grand National du Trot in Nantes this Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

Direction Nantes this Wednesday, November 9, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Grand National du Trot will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 3000 meters, and endowed with 90,000€.

In this event, concerning Fabulous Dream (1), a little back pain bothered him, especially at the start. He has been groomed and now seems more comfortable. On Wednesday, he will have the advantage of starting at the first rung. The field is well composed and Goéland d’Haufor, Freyja du Pont, Fairplay d’Urzy and Echo de Chanlecy will be difficult to get ahead of but it can place itself, if it is wise and diligent, explains Matthieu Abrivard.

Geny’s secrets

Sylvain Roger: Eclair Gold (2) has just performed very well on several occasions. Here he returns to the volte. You always have to be careful in the first few meters. He shows a good level of form. On the other hand, the opposition is very serious. I’m going to leave the shackles to him. He will do his best while running the rail. He has a good engagement closed at the end of the month at Crusader.

Bruno Mary: Félix du Bourg (3) completely disappointed me for his return to the climb in September in Vincennes. He is small enough. This might explain that. He has not been seen since but has worked steadily. He is ready. He was just eliminated several times, including last Thursday at Vincennes. We’ll go along the rail. He likes to track and place his tip. Beforehand, a four, fifth place would be very good.

Frank Leblanc: Fragonard Délo (4) has just provided a good end to the race, in a recent quinté, disputed at Vincennes. He stood out in several stages of this GNT this year. It has no margin at this level but it remains capable of interfering with the right combination, after a good race.

Jean-Philippe Mary: Diadème Blue (5) galloped off to Laval. Previously, it ran well twice, notably at Craon. He’s back in shape. However, the games are not easy. He must rub shoulders with young people. Here, he starts in the lead but the opposition is very serious. It looks complicated beforehand. Then he will return to the mounted with a “light weight” in the capital.

Pascal Monthule: Last Thursday, Eliska Berry (6) didn’t take it hard. It’s not a great deboulderer. Then she found herself too far in the course to come back. She runs cleanly. She is well back and shows flexibility. Changing her from Vincennes will do her good. She is well on her way. It is competitive for a small place.

Christian Bigeon: Goéland d’Haufor (7) had the right to deserved rest this summer, after a very good winter and an excellent first half. He did two warm-up races and I tried to prepare him as well as possible for this tailor-made commitment, at the near post. It will enjoy the Nantes track, which requires very good left-handedness. He has his place on the podium.

Frank Harel: With Eire d’Hélios (8), I voluntarily skipped the Feurs stage in order to give it a break. It was the only opportunity to do so before a busy end to the year with two stages and the final in a month. She seems very fresh to me in training. We know her well. He needs the right race. If this is the case, it can grab a place at the finish.

Frederic Prat: Hero of Fleur (9) has just proved that he no longer appreciates the mounted trot. It has sometimes run well on the carriage this season. In particular, he would have taken a place at Meslay-du-Maine without any discomfort at the start of the straight. From what it has shown lately, it is difficult to recommend but it is not incapable of surprising at the end of a good trip. He will then go to Mauquenchy for the Open des Régions.

Cyril Chenu: Firello (10) has two runs in his legs but still needs to run. With his irons, he is much less efficient. In training, he displays flexibility but also desire. This race will allow him to gain even more in condition before returning to the capital. He will then be barefoot. It is best to dismiss it here.

Matthew Abrivard: Fine Colline (11) disappointed me, recently at Saint-Galmier. She often experiences ovarian problems and was under the influence of her gender. She still needs to run to get back to the best. It will make the distance and will remain closed. Better to dismiss it. I hope that this outing will allow him to reach the top for a good entry on November 2.

Nicolas Bazire: A little embarrassment prevented Freyja du Pont (12) from being at best, lately. She had the right to ten days off and everything was back to normal. She took runners-up in several stages of this tournament and was overtaken by good horses. Admittedly, there are a few clients such as Goéland d’Haufor, Fairplay d’Urzy and Echo de Chanlecy, but a place remains within reach.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Fairplay d’Urzy (13) stupidly committed a fault, for nothing, at Feurs when he had a lot of resources. I tried to keep him in good shape for this engagement. It is worth a lot of this kind. Without incident, he has a first chance. Haufor’s Gull will be our most serious rival.

Eric Gilles Blot: After recording several runners-up, Echo de Chanlecy (14) deserved to win his stage at Feurs. In the aftermath, it benefits from an ideal engagement at the limit of the second recoil. It has always run well on this track. Goéland d’Haufor will be a serious customer at the first level, but he is not the only one who promises to be formidable. His place is in the fifth and there is a move to be made in the standings.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Feydeau Seven (15) was disappointing in Naples in the Lottery. Here, he evolves at fifty meters and with his irons. Also, his task will be very complicated. His goal for the start of winter remains the final of the Grand National du Trot. With Hooker Berry (16), I opted for this race rather than running the Prix Marcel Laurent the next day. He stayed in good shape. Here, fifty meters away, it’s a very difficult mission. IT will then go to the Prix de Bretagne. It’s better to see it again.

A summary: 7-13-14-1-4-6-8-12 The summary of the press: 13 – 14 – 7 – 1 – 8 – 15 – 6 – 10

Equidia: 7-13-14-12-3-1-8-4
Europe1: 14-7-12-3-1-9-4-15
The Parisian: 7-13-14-8-9-12-3-4
Alsace: 7-14-12-13-8-4-1-3
Paris Turf: 7-14-13-8-4-3-12-9


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