Fifth. The Grand National du Trot in Vire this Wednesday, September 28, 2022.


The Grand National du Trot in Vire c Wednesday September 28, 2022.

Direction Vire this Wednesday, September 28, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Grand National du Trot will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 3475 meters, and endowed with 90,000€.

In this event, Edy du Pommereux (3) pleased Matthieu Verva last week in the capital, taking fifth place in a fifth. He had been able to tell us that he found the horse on the rise. He has proven himself on the right hand, notably winning at Vichy this summer. The very long distance will not be a problem. It comes up against serious opposition. He will try to slip in at the finish.

Geny’s secrets

Frank Leblanc: Fragonard Délo (1) has not been unworthy lately at Craon. He does all his shopping, even if he regularly has to make do with small allowances. He has no room for manoeuvre, but his form is sure and he will enjoy this course. It still has its place at the end of the combination.

Antoine Lherete: Girolamo (2) disappointed me during his last attempts. Admittedly, he has pulled a little lately at Craon, but he was unable to accelerate on the straight, after benefiting from a good race. Since then, I have striven to restore its freshness. He seems fine to me in training but I approach this stage in doubt. He needs to reassure me.

Benjamin Goetz: Emeraude de Bais (4) had a break after his victory at the end of June in Vincennes. She’s not sharp for this comeback and I’m going to drive her. Certainly, the entry level commitment is favorable, but I advise you to dismiss it before seeing it again in better conditions.

Mathieu Mottier: Fakir de Mahey (5) had time to cool down, while being prepared for this event. We are more used to running the 2,825 meters of Vire, this very long distance is not really necessary. That said, he adapts to anything and should finish in the top three.

Patrick Toutain: Concerto Cointerie (6) had experienced leg problems and had to be stopped. He worked regularly on the beach. He arrived at the stable in magnificent physical condition. He has the morale of a foal. It has only run once, after almost seven months of absence, and will logically need to breathe at this level, but I expect to see it run well.

Jacques-Etienne Thuet: Destin Carisaie (7) stalled at the final midpoint for his return to the capital. He did not have a favorable course of the race. Here, he discovers a good entry in the lead. He is 9 years old and I take the races he has on his schedule. The 3,475 meters represent the end of the world for him. I sign beforehand for fifth place.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Gently de Muze (8) goes the distance and will stay locked after his attempt in the Green Trophy Final. Under these conditions, it will be difficult for him to show himself to his advantage. It is better to see it again. He will have better engagements to come.

Frank Harel: Eire d’Hélios (9) still held up well in the Meslay-du-Maine stage. Previously, she had been unlucky, especially in Cabourg, where she would have taken an active part at the finish if she had not hit the wheel of a rival’s sulky on the last bend. She is always at her best. It needs a good run but its place is, again, in the fifth.

Stephane Meunier: Django du Bocage (10) missed out this summer in Cabourg due to lung problems. Lately, he was running in improvement and could have snagged a small allowance without his fault at mid-straight. To win at this level, it will be complicated, but it is not out of the question to complete the finish. He worked well in the backs on Sunday morning.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Farrell Seven (11) is super generous and is progressing really well. He achieves almost a faultless this year. He just wanted to get old and is doing it pretty well. Lately at Meslay, the time has been pleasant. He likes to come over others and prefers to do the last mile than the first. He stayed in very good shape in training. He is able to continue.

Nicolas Bazire: Freyja du Pont (12) has just provided a good end to her return under saddle. Previously, she had set off at a gallop at Pornichet where she was tense. She is going to present herself at the top for this favorable engagement. She enjoys right-hand tracks and has competed with better horses. Farrell Seven is currently pushing his limits but his place is in the top three.

Eric Gilles Blot: Echo de Chanlecy (13) started at a gallop recently in Craon, which had not happened to him for a year and a half. Its form is not in doubt. All his previous races were good. It will still be necessary to be careful when turning to the right but its driver knows it. It no longer has to prove itself at this level and should still finish in the fifth, even if it faces some serious customers.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Fairplay d’Urzy (14) was good during his exercises in the middle of last week. On the other hand, on Sunday, I was a little less excited. It can happen. He will not be disturbed by the 3,500 meters of the course. I expect a good performance.

Joel Hallais: Hirondelle du Rib (15) contracted a tendon infection. She was arrested just under two months. She has been working for three weeks. She risks finding herself far at the start of the course. The long distance will suit him. I will try to bring it closer in the last kilometer. For a comeback, it will be difficult to be at the finish.

Mickael Charuel: Fakir du Lorault (16) had blown two months after his podium in the Dukes of Normandy in the spring. After a necessary comeback, it ran in improvement at La Capelle last week. He’s not 100% back yet. Here, he makes fifty meters and this race is not a goal. We are close to home. Returning to the right hand is an asset. He will try to grab a place.

A summary:13-12-14-11-5-9-3-7 The summary of the press: 11 – 5 – 13 – 14 – 2 – 8 – 9 – 15

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The Parisian: 11-5-14-13-7-3-12-16
Alsace: 11-13-5-12-16-9-14-8
Paris Turf: 11-5-13-14-12-3-9-10


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