Fifth. The Prix de la Ville de Paris at ParisLongchamp this Sunday, May 29, 2022.

Fifth.  The Prix de la Ville de Paris at ParisLongchamp this Sunday, May 29, 2022.
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The Prix de la Ville de Paris at ParisLongchamp this Sunday, May 29, 2022.

Direction ParisLongchamp this Sunday, May 29, 2022, for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté most of the day. In this event, the Prix de la Ville de Paris will have to compete against each other. The race will be contested over 1600 meters, and endowed with 55,000€.

In this event, Scottish Anthem (7) was castrated following his summer escapades on July 14, this pretty gray has since returned to the ranks. Oriented with apropos and a certain success towards handicaps this season, he has shown consistency. Without being able to win. Not the most generous of competitors in the effort, it looks more like a very likely place on Sunday than a potential winner.

Geny’s secrets

Henri-Alex Pantall: Anthorus (1) ran very well last time, where he was unfortunately locked up, never having been able to express himself. We have to take it back.

Frederic Head: Sitello (2) has just finished a convincing second in a similar event three weeks ago. Remained in very good physical condition since then, I hope for a logical confirmation from him on Sunday.

Henk Grewe: Great Rotation (3) won in good style last time. I hope he has improved a bit. He is under a 2.5 kg penalty but remains competitive. He has a chance for places.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Wassim (4) had to do all the exteriors last. He is fine and, normally, he revolved a bit around his handicap. So I rely on him.

Stephane Wattel: Lady Pink (5) finished sixth in her first two handicap appearances. She has remained in good physical condition ever since. But obviously has no room for maneuver in such company.

Nicolas Caullery: Blue Falcon (6) defended very well last time. I didn’t know him yet, but he made us happy. Now, this race is the logical continuation and even if I find that he has only little margin in weight, he can finish in the right combination as long as he has remained in good shape.

Mrs. Jane Soubagne: Massa Chop (8) is a chic colt who always gives his best. Unfortunately, at this value, it has no wiggle room. Extended for the occasion, it will not be equipped with blinders and will try to hang an allowance.

Edward Monfort: Forchester (9) has disappointed me a bit lately. Admittedly, not everything went as smoothly as possible, but I expected better from him. He will be wearing Australian blinders for the occasion and I hope to see him a little more powerful to finish. At this value, he can finish on arrival.

Richard Chotard: Edamame (10) progresses steadily over the races. It has just opened its prize list on May 17th. That day he did it clearly. A success that earned him a penalty of 4 kilos on the scale of values. On Sunday, it moves up category and must prove its competitiveness in such company. But remained in very good physical condition…

Jerome Reynier: Saint Hellier (11) was logically penalized and had a good time to recover well. He will present himself in good shape and I hope he will behave at this level even if I would have preferred, beforehand, to see him evolve in the second event. You have to try.

Christopher Escuder: Shark Samurai (12) has been performing very well since joining the stable. His latest work is excellent and I believe he can do well at this level. Lately, we have seen that it has imposed itself well and I believe it is capable of moving up the category successfully. He should run well.

Christopher Ferland: Yes for Ever (13) has just opened its track record and in view of its value, I have little choice in the commitments so I try in this category where it will face opponents much more seasoned than it. Now she’s serious and will try to snag an alloacation. This output will guide us for the rest.

Hedi Ghabri: Red Crazy (14) will run for the first time under my rule. He is a colt that I have just acquired following his last outing in a claiming race. In the morning it gives me satisfaction. That’s why I want to try at this level. Distance and terrain will be at his convenience.

Edward Monfort: Mr Goodnight (15) behaved well for his return to Bordeaux. He’s a colt who missed out on the Cagnes meeting and currently, I find him in good shape. Admittedly, he would perhaps have been better placed in the second test, but it is tempting. It will take advantage of its low weight to hope to take up a place.

Miss Flavie Bresson: Everillo (16) was overwhelmed at first recently then did not have a free hand to finish. I try again at this level while lengthening it. However, he knows this distance and with a good run of the race, I think he deserves a buyout, at least for the places.

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A summary: 9-7-2-13-1-3-4-11 The summary of the press: 9 – 2 – 7 – 6 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 8

Equidia: 7-2-9-6-13-14-10-5
Europe 1:7-4-9-2-13-3-12-1
The Parisian :
Paris Turf: 2-9-7-4-10-11-16-5


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