Fifth. The Prix de Soulac at Vincennes this Thursday, November 3, 2022.


The Prix de Soulac at Vincennes this Thursday, November 3, 2022.

Direction Vincennes this Thursday, November 3, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix de Soulac compete against runners. The race will be contested over 2700 meters, and endowed with 65,000€.

In this event, after a stop in his career, Fighter Smart (9) arrived this summer in the boxes of Junior Guelpa. His three fall outings have been low-key, to say the least. For the first time this year, he will be barefoot on all fours. Despite this, it is very difficult to envisage him playing a leading role. However, the commitment is favorable, without young people and foreigners. He remains a simple outsider. For his comeback after three months of absence, on October 14, Flower Ball (13) could not be threatening. She has the means to win a race of this kind, if she is on top. It evolves rail for this new attempt. Also, you have to wait before holding it. Brilliant last winter, it will be to be followed during this meeting. Here, we must scrutinize his behavior.

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Charles Julien Bigeon: El Santo Haufor (1) had a good last winter and made some gains. It no longer has much leeway, especially since it lacks maneuverability. His physical condition is good and the entry remains favorable, without the 6-year-olds. It would be risky to rule him out completely, because he is capable of competing with such horses, when he is not at fault.

Frank Leblanc: Fragonard Délo (2) still ran well, recently in Caen, where he was only beaten by 6-year-olds. It has featured in some good batches in recent months. Thursday, the engagement is favorable and the opposition seems to me more in its cords. It needs a good run, but it should grab a place at this level.

Clement Thomas: Etoile de Quesny (3) was a little soft last time, especially as it made the distance. She didn’t have a good program this fall, often finding herself eliminated. She was misplaced in earnings. His last outing did him good. She will be barefooted from the four feet this time. In training, she regained gas. I expect a good performance, at least for the places.

Jean-Michel Baudouin: Falco d’Havaroche (4) was prepared for this race. He has been at Grosbois for a short time and is exercising well in the morning. Everything is presented well beforehand. He is able to fight for the very first places, with a clear progress.

Adrian Pereira: It’s been a good month since Flower By Magalou (5) was seen in competition, but she looked good during her work on Monday morning. I think it capable of delivering its good value. You just have to do the straight line with it. It’s never easy at this level. If she finished in the winning quinté, that would already be good.

Sylvain Roger: Figaro de Larré (6) is the real mounted horse. On the trot, it remains a bit difficult, you can’t let it go completely. He has a very good entry on November 17 on the climb. Here, it’s a preparation race for this event.

Cyrille Buhigné: Ezalyo Smart (7) has made a good comeback. Then, I presented him at eight days in order to give him a run before this engagement. The track was sticky and he struggled a bit. Since then, he has been toned up in training and perfect in pace. It’s straight, that’s the most important thing. He is a classy horse. For the first places, it will still be a little short but it can complete the finish.

Jean Marie Monclin: Fawley Buissonay (8) is practically efficient at each of his outings. Moreover, he remains on a good fourth place. He’s good. He doesn’t have a huge margin, but if the leaders are within gunshot at the start of the straight, he can once again make us happy.

Pierre Belloche: During his return, Forum Meslois (10) lacked a bit of resources to finish but it was not a disaster. It was a race without train which was played on a final rush. At twenty-five meters, it was too hard. We hope to see him run well again, being tackled in front and unshod behind. He seems to be on the right track, but still needs reassurance.

Emmanuel Varin: Fée de Ranchval (11) has not been successful in terms of running the race during his last performances. Nose to the wind recently, she could not extend. I waited for this closed race, without the Europeans. We will run to the economy and come to the final stage. She is in great shape. With a clear run, she shouldn’t be far off.

Eddy Planchenault: Eliot d’Ambri (12) has not been unworthy lately in Caen, when he took part in his second warm-up race. He has since gained in condition. It may still lack a real race to be 100%, but it looks good to me. He faces an ideal entry and was third in this event last year, in a good time. It is competitive for places.

Pascal Monthule: Recently, I had asked my son Hugues to quickly lead her to the rope. Eliska Berry (14) then found herself too far, by the game of relays, to hope to return. Its form is not in doubt. It will, this time, be driven more offensively. The commitment is ideal and this course will not disturb her. A place is within reach.

Hervé Sionneau: It hasn’t been going very well since his return to competition at the beginning of September. Admittedly, Deus Ex Machina (15) remains on several disqualifications, but he sometimes showed that he was on the rise. In training, he even seems very good to me. It is difficult to recommend to bettors, but it would be enough for him to stay at the trot to play the good roles in such an event.

Patrick Toutain: Concerto Cointerie (16) ran remarkably recently in Caen. He would have taken, at least, the fourth place if he had been able to express himself earlier. I had taken the reins off him, he is much better off that way. He stayed on top and will be barefoot for this tailor-made engagement. Just a year ago, he had trotted 1’12″9 over 2,850 meters. I will be disappointed if he does not finish in the fifth.

A summary: 12-4-8-2-11-16-3-5 The summary of the press: 12 – 8 – 3 – 11 – 16 – 1 – 2 – 4

The Parisian: 4-8-16-11-12-2-9-14
Alsace: 4-8-11-12-16-5-3-2
Paris Turf: 4-8-11-3-16-12-2-7


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